First Korean BBQ Experience

Korean bbq

Was told that we bought a deal from for some Korean BBQ last week, and finally managed to arrange to go on Thursday when 6 of us were available. ย The discount was up to 48% off BigBang Bulgogi Korean BBQ & Steamboat 2-in-1 Buffet. First time trying Korean BBQ.

First thought was not bad, nice air-con environment with bbq & steamboat combination. The chairs are actually round bins with cushion seat. Customers can keep their items in the bin (not for the absent minded customers, might forget and just leave…). Table too small.

Food varieties includes Beef (Beef Belly, Black Pepper Beef, Bulgogi Beef, Herb Garlic Beef, Sesame Beef), Pork (Pork Belly, Bacon, Herb Garlic Pork Collar, etc), Seafood (Prawns, Squids, Saba Fish), Fish Ball, Meat Ball, Crab Stick, sausages, vegetables, etc. There are also some cooked food such as Kimchi pancake, rice cake, fried rice, etc. There’s also free flow of Chilled Korean Tea and Barley.

BigBang Bulgogi Korean BBQ & Steamboat
BigBang Bulgogi Korean BBQ & Steamboat

Service was ok, the staffs were friendly and prompt in removing empty plates from our table. Food was alright, love the Bulgogi Beef and pork belly ๐Ÿ˜€ But overall, too meaty for me. I’d prefer steamboat buffet. And it can get very stuffy if the restaurant is packed with customers. They off the air-con, opened the door (there’s only 1 entrance into the restaurant). Not sure if this happens to other Korean BBQ restaurants, but ventilation was bad, really not good enough to withstand the smoky and hot condition. We were actually perspiring while eating. Oh, you gotta be careful if you are walking around, it’s oily and can be slippery. Anyways, couldn’t complain much, I knew we will smell bad, it’s BBQ :p We definitely smell like “walking bbq meat” when we left the place…hahaha… I would prefer sitting outdoor for BBQ buffet.


๋น…๋ฑ… BigBang Bulgogi Korean BBQ & Steamboat
450 Toa Payoh Lorong, 6 ERA Centre
#01-11,Singapore 319394
Tel: +65 6255 5711


with loveโ€ฆ

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