Boyfriend’s Business Trip


Boyfriend is away for a week to Hiroshima for work. Sent him to the airport last Sunday and time flies…he will be back tomorrow! Wahaha…whole week was busy with work and only managed to blog today. The eyes were tired and I don’t wish to on my laptop when I reach home. At most, I just play games or facebooking on my mobile till dozed off. Sigh… His […]

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Tim Ho Wan at Plaza Singapura

Tim Ho Wan_Cover

Have always wanted to try the dim sum at Tim Ho Wan but the queue was way too long. Queuing for more than 1hr for a meal is too much for me…and my friends definitely have no patience to join me as well. Think the longest waiting time I waited was the dinner at Itacho Sushi with the gang. Think the wait was about 40mins and luckily I […]

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Trip to S.E.A. Aquarium on Boxing Day

S.E.A. Aquarium

Boyfriend and I were clearing our annual leave, so I suggested going to the S.E.A. Aquarium on Boxing Day, 26 Dec 2013… from the last experience, it’s better that we leave home early. I woke boyfriend up at 8+ so that we can reach Vivocity by 10am to avoid the crowd…he he he…but apparently, we were not early enough…ha ha ha…it’s already quite crowded at the Sentosa Express […]

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AR XMAS at Marina Square

merry christmas

After looking at JL’s Penguin pics she took in Marina Square, I’ve been urging boyfriend to go so that I can take some cute penguin pictures too…wahahahaha… AND, here we are, on Christmas Day! Here comes the Penguins!!! Upon arriving at Marina Square, you may see this big poster, asking shoppers to download the Marina Square mobile app for some AR (Augmented Reality) experience. Of course, I have […]

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Birthday Buffet Dinner at Greenhouse (Ritz Carlton)

Greenhouse Buffet at The Ritz Carlton

He he he…it’s the time of the year again…Same time last year, we had buffet at Carousel. This time, boyfriend’s mama arranged a buffet at Greenhouuse – Ritz Carlton yesterday, with his dad, herself, her cousin & boyfriend and us. Perhaps it’s near the year end festive season, lotsa companies had their gathering/company dinner there as well. Saw my friend there too… We were seated at a dim […]

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In My Kitchen – Japanese Curry Udon (Updated)

In my kitchen

Had curry udon last friday and was tempted to try to cook one. Since it was a  rainy Monday evening, thought it should be a good time for some hot soupy dinner :p He he he…boyfriend went online to search and some added Dashi Stock into the curry. Hm…didn’t know that, I thought just add those ready made curry cubes will do. I prepared Dashi Stock once but ended […]

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Dinner at CoCo Ichibanya Curry House

CoCo Ichibanya Curry House at Bugis +

Was doing my last minute shopping in Bugis for a dress to wear to Ash’s wedding…he he he…end up with nothing :p Oh man…I really put on weight, couldn’t fit into the dress I used to wear to wedding dinners 🙁 And tried some dresses looked terrible! We walked to Bugis+ from Bugis Junction level 2 to go to Bugis Village. Since we were a little hungry, so […]

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Dinner at Manhattan Fish Market

Manhattan Fish Market

Initially planned to go to the new Robinsons in Orchard on Saturday, but it’s already 4plus in the afternoon by the time we are ready to go out. Since we went to Tampines instead as it’s nearer to home too. Was craving for Steamboat but went Manhattan Fish Market instead. Hm…things don’t usually go according to plans…ha ha ha ha… Stewed Tomato Mussels – $7.95 A serving of […]

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A date with boyfriend

A day with Love

Was asking “When are we going to watch THOR” since it was out on 31 Oct 2013… Happy Happy that boyfriend suggested to watch on Saturday (partly because he’s going AMK for a haircut…better than nothing…ha ha haha…we are going on a date on WEEKEND!!!) Anyways, went online to book the tickets at 3pm. WAH! I must have been living on a mountain for quite sometime. I didn’t […]

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