Bangkok with Love – 12Baht Boat Noodle

Union Mall Boat Noodle

[Bangkok – Thailand] Mentioned in the earlier post that we had tea-break or early dinner at this 12Baht Boat Noodle place in Union Mall. Was trying to google if there’s any English name. If you happened to know it, please let me know too. It’s a normal eatery just that all the noodle was at 12Baht per bowl, which is about SGD0.47? Portion wasn’t big, you can finish […]

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Bangkok with Love

4D3N Bangkok Trip

[Bangkok – Thailand] So sorry, I think I am seriously neglecting this space. I finally sat down to start writing about my super overdue Bangkok trip…he he he… In fact, JL was hoping to find the name of the hotel I’ve stayed during the trip, messaged me asking for it because she realised that I haven’t blog anything about it yet…wahahahha… I hardly on laptop when I got […]

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Birthday day out at Gardens by the Bay (First visit)


We were both on leave on my BD 😀 Initially, planned to make a trip to USS, but it was raining heavily in the morning. We left home at about 1plus in the afternoon and went to Gardens by the Bay instead.since we never been there before too. We alighted at Bayfront MRT station, walked the underground linkway at Exit B. You will come to the entrance of […]

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Dinner at Ramen Kagetsu Arashi, Tampines 1


Went shopping at Tampines and had dinner at Ramen Kagetsu Arashi at Tampines 1. Boyfriend remembered he saw this place after his lunch with J one day and wanted to try. He kinda like Ramen and especially those that comes with Soft Boil Eggs. “About Ramen Kagetsu Arashi One of the latest Ramen Chain in Japan with more than 260 outlets Worldwide, with No. 1 Tonkotsu & Garlic […]

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Steamboat Dinner at Shabu Sai (Orchard Central)

Shabu Sai, Orchard Central

Met boyfriend and M for dinner at PS. Not sure if the guys were craving for steamboat, they suggested dinner at Sukiya. Queue was pretty long. They walked one round and go over to Orchard Central instead. Went to level 8. Hm…queue was equally long outside Kiseki and Shabu Sai. Being a steamboat lover and they asked me to choose between the 2, he he he…I opt for […]

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Long Weekend

Sweet Treats

It was a public holiday (Vesak Day) on Tuesday, took leave on Monday so that we can rest for 4 days :p He he he…initially planned to go for a weekend trip, but kinda last minute to plan. We ended up at home most of the time. Was surfing through Facebook, Instagram and came across some steamed cakes. Look interesting and simple. Good for me because there’s no […]

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Another week…

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Oh my, another week gone…and guess what, we are already in May 2014. Oh man…2nd month of the 2nd quarter of the year. Can’t time slow down? Kinda scary as the days went by without noticing it. Sigh…still nothing been done… As usual, work been busy, nothing new… Never had enough time…wahahaha… And am having fever again, URGH! I’m not sure if it’s my wisdom tooth or what […]

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Avatar for the Boyfriend


Happy Labour Day! Erm…not talking about the movie “Avatar” here definitely..he he he… If you landed in my blog before, you’d probably noticed that there’s lotsa penguins all over. He he he…mainly because I am widely known as “happie feet”. Friends said that I walked like a Penguin… Do I?? While blogging about his business trip to Hiroshima, suddenly wonder what should I put in one of the image. […]

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