Sorry for the long break…


Sorry for the long break after CNY. Work been busy, mood been shitty, body been weak. Haven’t lose much weight though…wahahahha…3kg in 2 weeks… Haven’t been eating well after fever, been vomiting what I ate. Hm…don’t think it’s Anorexia… I’m slowly eating back again but in smaller portions… Hoping not to regain full appetite, wahahaha…I wanna lose weight 😛 We didn’t take leave on Valentine’s day, both gotta […]

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Stray dogs in Singapore

Stray Dogs in Singapore

Into 2nd month of my stay in the new place, everything is alright, owner & family are pretty easy going. However, minor renovation is still going on. Not that it caused lotsa inconvenience, but just couldn’t believe that they took so long. The contractor said we can move in by end of June. It’s already beginning of August and kitchen works still not done. It’s been a month and they […]

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