Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year

It’s Day 1 of the Chinese New Year. Would like to take the opportunity to wish everyone out there a Happy & Prosperous New Year; Good luck & Good health in the Year of Horse! 祝大家新年快樂, 恭喜發財, 萬事勝意, 馬年行好運, 馬上幸福, 馬上開心, 馬上得意.

Happy Chinese New Year大吉大利

You must be wondering why am I updating my blog at 2pm in the afternoon and not outside at relative’s house…wahahaha…because Boyfriend is still in lala land… Still SLEEPING!!!! It was circulated online the top things you CANNOT do on Day 1 of Chinese New Year and that is – not to wake someone up, let him wake up on his own… So…I’m still at home lor…

Received a piece of good news at work on Wednesday and that also means gotta do some work during the Chinese New Year break. Also, attended a meeting with client yesterday (Chinese New Year Eve). There goes the CNY break. 🙁 Anyways, still a good way to start my Year of Horse!

On half day yesterday, left office at 1pm. Went home to pack stuffs before going to Boyfriend’s house for reunion dinner. We had steamboat. Yum Yum!!!

Reunion Dinner

Seems little, but we couldn’t finish all the items. Ate only half of it and it’s already very filling. There’s some leftovers, maybe can cook for supper tonight. Wahahaha…What about your reunion dinner? Did you dine out or had it at home? Had fun?

Was catching the countdown variety shows last night, switching between HK and Singapore channels. AS usual, there’ll be predictions of your Zodiac signs in the new year. Slightly different from those I read in shopping malls. So, wondering what the Year of Horse entails? Her’s some links to videos put up by masters…just for reference. If you want more, just google and there’s a long list.

Here’s some links:

Be it good or bad, just do your best.

Wish you a Happy & Prosperous New Year

Happy Horse Year

– ♥ –

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