Dinner at Ramen Kagetsu Arashi, Tampines 1


Went shopping at Tampines and had dinner at Ramen Kagetsu Arashi at Tampines 1. Boyfriend remembered he saw this place after his lunch with J one day and wanted to try. He kinda like Ramen and especially those that comes with Soft Boil Eggs. “About Ramen Kagetsu Arashi One of the latest Ramen Chain in Japan with more than 260 outlets Worldwide, with No. 1 Tonkotsu & Garlic […]

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Dinner at Manhattan Fish Market

Manhattan Fish Market

Initially planned to go to the new Robinsons in Orchard on Saturday, but it’s already 4plus in the afternoon by the time we are ready to go out. Since we went to Tampines instead as it’s nearer to home too. Was craving for Steamboat but went Manhattan Fish Market instead. Hm…things don’t usually go according to plans…ha ha ha ha… Stewed Tomato Mussels – $7.95 A serving of […]

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Dian Xiao Er at Tampines 1

Back to Gym on Sunday again…guess this will be the weekly routine now. I called the gym at 1130am trying to book for the Hot Yoga lessons, unfortunately it’s fully booked. Oh man, the class starts at 230pm and it’s fully booked at the time I called? So sad… I did others instead, a while on the treadmill, a while on the stepper, a while on the cycling machine, […]

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JPOT at Tampines 1

JPOT Tampines1

Signed up for a year’s membership with True Fitness (Tampines Branch) and went the first session last sunday with the group. To my surprise, he actually suggested to sign up for that. So did T, J and K. Well, it’s better go go gym than drinking, healthy activity afterall. True Fitness AMK branch will be opened in June this year…so maybe we may switch from Tampines to AMK, since […]

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