Let’s Eat – Korean Spicy Noodle


Everyone online was raving about the Spicy Korean noodle and I’m sure you’ve seen lotsa Fiery Noodle Challenge videos too.

JW was sharing his experience over lunch sometime back and said it was really spicy for him. D who loves spicy food tried said he can only finished a packet at most. JW cooked it for us in the office and we had 1-2 mouthful. OMG!!! Hm… I don’t really take spicy food; my lips and tongue got numbed. Stomach burning… I wonder if the heat can burn the fats in there…Wahaha…

Told boyfriend and he bought it when he saw it in the supermarket. He was curious about it, so we had it for dinner.

Korean Spicy Noodle

The numbing sensation began, however, it went off after a while. He said it’s not really that spicy as compared to the Mala hot pot we had the other day. Or rather, it’s different kind of spiciness? Wahaha…to me, it’s really spicy but yummy! LOL!

A packet of noodle + 2 bottles of cold water! Wahahahaa!

Flaming Penguin


You should try it too! Enjoy!


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