March 2013 – Bellabox, Spring in your step

Bellabox March 2013

This is my last Bellabox, unsubscribed last month. Quite like the products this month, but it’s a pity that I didn’t get the Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Roll on. It smells nice.

Oh, noticed something different. Ribbon was used to tie the package instead of the usual Bellabox sticker. Prefer it this way as I don’t have to worry that I’ll damage the wrapper. And I love the color of the wrapper!

March 2013 - Bellabox
March 2013 – Bellabox

So, here’s what I’ve got this month:

March 2013 - Bellabox Items
March 2013 – Bellabox Items

1. Vichy Bi-white MED Whitening Replumping Gel-Cream 50ml/$59
All in one whitening, moisturisng and anti-aging cream, using peony and 5 essential oils to protect, whiten, brighten and even out your complexion. It is like adding a layer of protection that not only prevents, but improves with glowing results.

Wondering if I should start using some Whitening products as I’ve gotten quite a few from Bellabox. But I want to be tanned πŸ™

2. Dr.Ci:Labo BB Perfect Cream 30g/$67
All in one waterproof formula which acts as a foundation, base and concealer. Besides brightening and lightening the skin, it moisturizes, nourishes, protects expertly.

A gentle cleansing gel to ride all strong makeup at the end of the day. It improves blood circulation too, as a major anti-aging benefit and delivers vitamins and moisture for skin radiance and health… Sounds good ya.

4. MOX Botanicals Lip Butter $19
A new brand Bellabox discovered. All-natural, with a base of nourishing jojoba, coconut oils and all-natral beeswax, for protection and eliminating dryness. Hopefully, it can protect my lips from “cracking”… I’ve got the Coconut Almondine scent. But I think I need sometime to get used to the scent. You can also purchase MOX Botanicals Solid Perfume from Bellabox web shop.

Pure Vita C Dual Mask that keeps your skin bright, soft and firm… Having problems finishing the masks I’ve got… Oh my…lazy lazy…
Since I’ve just signed up a year’s membership with True Fitness recently, I shall put the perfect cream and the cleansing gel in my toiletries bag. Trying to keep my bag as light as possible…it can be a chore to put your clothes, shoe and toiletries in a bag… Time to spring clean my skincare and makeup items and see what I can put in the toiletries bag πŸ˜€

March 2013 - Bellabox (ROJUKISS PURE VITA C DUAL MASK)
March 2013 – Bellabox (ROJUKISS PURE VITA C DUAL MASK)

Well, good bye Bellabox for now. Looking forward to your future boxes and probably I might subscribe again πŸ™‚

–Β β™₯ –

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