Our Korean Army Stew (Budae Jjigae)

In my kitchen

Saw a picture of friend’s Korean Army Stew in her facebook and we decided to give it a try 😀 It’s similar to our usual steamboat, very simple to prepare. Not sure how it’s compared to those served in restaurant, but boyfriend and I certainly love our version. The dish originated during the Korean War, and was popular for a time afterwards, when people had little to eat. […]

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Xmas Gathering Part 1 – Steamboat cum BBQ Dinner

Christmas Gathering

J & A organised a steamboat cum bbq gathering dinner at their place last Saturday. They were very kind to volunteer to prepare the stuffs, it can be quite a chore… It was the only day where most of us were available, except ZW & Girlfriend. A pity they couldn’t join. The dinner supposed to start at 630, well, as expected, boyfriend woke up at 7plus in the […]

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New Udon Thai Food Mookata at Golden Mile Complex

Mookata Cover

It was my first time having Mookata- Thai Style Steamboat & BBQ and also my first time walking into this section of the Golden Mile Complex. With interior like this, I don’t feel like I’m in Singapore…wahahaha… Boyfriend was surprised that I’ve never been to this section of Golden Mile. Hm… I don’t know why too…wahahahha… Luckily we didn’t have to wait for long for seats outside (less […]

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JPOT at Tampines 1

JPOT Tampines1

Signed up for a year’s membership with True Fitness (Tampines Branch) and went the first session last sunday with the group. To my surprise, he actually suggested to sign up for that. So did T, J and K. Well, it’s better go go gym than drinking, healthy activity afterall. True Fitness AMK branch will be opened in June this year…so maybe we may switch from Tampines to AMK, since […]

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King’s Laksa Steamboat

Kings Laksa Steamboat

Oh my, it’s 2nd Dec 2012 already?  X’mas in another 23 days time, 2012 will be over in 29 days?  OMG!!!  Time really flies and it’s very scary… Anyways, will have a lot of get-together cum eating sessions coming up…and we already started one buffet session yesterday…  OMG, there goes the waist line 🙁 We usually craved to have steamboat when weather is good and cooling, and weather […]

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National Day Celebration at home

It was Singapore’s 47th birthday yesterday, and that’s also a public holiday for us. Like past years, we didn’t get the parade tickets. His mom prepared steamboat feast for his cousins & family and they came over, eat and watch the parade at the same time. We not only have steamboat during Chinese New Year, his mom loves to prepare steamboat whenever there’s a gathering. It is easy […]

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Went to the farewell dinner @ the 亚秋南华昌鱼头炉 for Tina… Sigh…our one and only developer in Singapore Team is leaving 🙁  The Spongebob lover has been working in NA for 4 years.  Well, I joined later, and only spent about 1yr plus working with her.  She’s very helpful and it was great working with her.  She’s good! Besides good in her work, she’s good in making desserts too, especially […]

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