Dec 2012 – Christmas with Bellabox

Dec12 - Bellabox

Ho Ho Ho…Bellabox comes early this month. The box will usually reached like around 13 / 14 each month, but it came on 11th! Excited because it’s Christmas, should be better than past ones right :p There’s a snow flake sticker on the cover of the box 😀 Oh, forgot to take picture of the black paper which was used to wrap around the items, different from the usually light pink. Anyways, any idea how to unwrap it nicely? I always tried to remove the sticker nicely, but always end up with big holes 🙁

So, what’s in my box?

Dec 2012 - Bellabox
Dec 2012 – Bellabox

Here’s what I’ve got this month:

1. Bella Caviar Beauty Serum 5ml (5ml/$250 for a box of 7)
Some beauty serum empowering skin with vital energy and moisture. After use, it will give skin a luminous glow… Hm…

2. Bodytech Intense Trim Serum 12ml (12ml/$980 for a box of 14 tubes)
Some serum which is capable of breaking down fatty acids. For directions, it says “apply once or twice daily preferably after shower or bath. Concentrate on ‘dimpled’ cellulite areas.” Hm…wahaha…is it enough to cover just one time? Retailing at $980 for 14 tubes, 12ml I suppose? If that’s the case, applying twice daily, I think it can only last 7 days or less…ha ha ha…

There’s also a bellabox special for Bodytech Intense Trim Gold Treatment, 7 sessions at $68* (up $900). Of course terms and conditions applies.

3. Organix Hair Care Range 60ml (385ml/$15.90)
Cherry blossom ginseng conditioner… The previous Organix Hair Care range is still in the box, not used yet.

4. B.Liv off with those heads – Blackheads Sebum Gel 3ml
(30ml @ $69.95; 40ml @ 94.95)
This is a light cooling gel that removes white and blackheads. Sounds good, will try it! There’s 2 in the box and I thought the staffs accidentally put 2 in the box. But seems like those who got this had 2 too. Here’s their website.

5. MEMEME Lip and Cheek Tint 12ml (12ml/$15.90)
I’ve never used a cheek tint before, thought it will be too much on the cheek if didn’t blend well. Tested on my wrist, gently dabbed, and the color was gone. Not sure if I put too little, shall test it again.

6. Bonus! Cellilux Deep Sea Secret Glacial Mineral Gel Mask (60ml/$78)
Hm…another mask? I’ve never heard of this brand before, but it says “…contains rare glacier water to reverse damage to the skin and rebuild skin’s elasticity. It detoxifies, hydrates and exfoliates the skin; the result is brighter and youthful looking skin”. Wah…

7. Xmas Gift: Bellabox Horsehair Eyeshadow Brush
Just nice to replace my current one. Then again, I seldom apply eyeshadow. Will there be a blusher brush next time?

I’ve read some blogs where their bellabox comes with nail polish. Hm…did Bellabox found out that I don’t use nail polish at all?

Ho Ho Ho…Merry Christmas! ♥


with love…

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