Our Birthdays with Pokemon Go


Where has all the time went? I didn’t realise that my last post was on 31 July 2016. It’s mid September now, and soon, Christmas in less than 4 months and it will be 2017! OH GOD! Dare not even think of my age…wahahaha… August and September are usually the 2 busy and expensive months for us – Our Birthdays! Wahahaha…. And with the recent Pokemon Go craze, we […]

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Steamboat Dinner at Shabu Sai (Orchard Central)

Shabu Sai, Orchard Central

Met boyfriend and M for dinner at PS. Not sure if the guys were craving for steamboat, they suggested dinner at Sukiya. Queue was pretty long. They walked one round and go over to Orchard Central instead. Went to level 8. Hm…queue was equally long outside Kiseki and Shabu Sai. Being a steamboat lover and they asked me to choose between the 2, he he he…I opt for […]

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The Man’s Birthday

Happy Birthday

Last Friday, 6 Sept was his birthday. He’s not working on that day and I took half day leave in the afternoon to have lunch with him. Made a reservation at this Italian Bistro at 230pm but I cancelled it when the staff called me at 150pm telling me that the restaurant closes at 3pm, last order at 245pm. DUH! Shall explain more about it at the end […]

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Long Weekend – August 2013

Long Weekend

Sorry, this is going to be a long post of highlights of my activities over the long weekend last week… Happened that a friend was in town last week, else I think I would have stayed at home throughout the weekend. Ha ha ha…yes, I’m lazy, but it definitely will be crowded everywhere. It has been more than 6 or 7 yrs since his last trip to Singapore, […]

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Tea or Painting? An arteastiq date with the mrs


Was on leave last Friday, decided to meet Mrs for tea at Arteastiq after her gynae appointment. Couldn’t remember when was the last time we met, obviously the tummy is bigger but she’s still looking vibrant and good. Looking forward to see her baby soon, expected date is on the 9 June. Very fast, guess she must be excited about it too… Suggested Arteastiq as I’ve not been […]

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Dinner at MEDZS Orchard Central again

MEDZS Orchard Central

Enjoying my 2 days break from work lazing around at home :p Am clearing my annual leave. Happy Happy but weather was so hot. Since, I’m meeting him for dinner @ Orchard Central yesterday, I went to collect my free Sony Camera since it’s just opposite (got it from a new prudential plan which I signed recently). Not a very new model I think – Cybershot DSC-W690. I […]

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Xmas steamboat buffet at Coca Takashimaya

Coca Steamboat

Woohoo, it will be Christmas Eve in another 30mins time, just a day away from Christmas. And we’ve also survived the 21 Dec 2012 end of the world thingy… Isn’t that great? Well…time for some new year resolutions planning and 2012 reviews… Shall go into that in another post…then again, not sure if I wanna draw some resolutions as I never keep to them…well… Met up with the […]

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Wedding Lunch & Buffet High-Tea

with love

It’s amazing how much stuffs my stomach can store. It’s a joyous occasion anyway, shall not grumble much. Did nothing but eat all day. Woke up rather early last Sunday, as R’s wedding lunch starts at 12.30pm in Holiday Inn Orchard. We reached there on time, but lunch started at around 1. There seems to be quite a number of empty seats, probably it’s due to year end […]

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An average Mediterranean Place – Medz (Orchard Central)

Medz 160 x 120

Met him and 2 other friends for dinner on Tuesday, as usual I was late.  They were already sitting inside Medz (Orchard Central).  Well, it’s my first time visiting this place and probably it’s on a weekday it’s quite quiet with only less than 10 tables were occupied. It has the same dining concept as Marché but serves Mediterranean food.  I was given a card at the entrance […]

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The HandBurger with great company

Met the gang after work for dinner @ 313 Somerset. There’s wide range of food selections in their 3 dining areas, ie. Discover Walk where Marché Restaurant, Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant, Absolute Thai, Trattoria Italian Kitchen is; Food Hall on B3 where you can find takeaway foods and casual restaurants such as Din Tai Fung, F.I.S.H, The HandBurger, etc; and lastly Food Court on Level 5 […]

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