Dinner at MEDZS Orchard Central again

MEDZS Orchard Central

Enjoying my 2 days break from work lazing around at home :p Am clearing my annual leave. Happy Happy but weather was so hot.

Since, I’m meeting him for dinner @ Orchard Central yesterday, I went to collect my free Sony Camera since it’s just opposite (got it from a new prudential plan which I signed recently). Not a very new model I think – Cybershot DSC-W690. I was hoping to get Nikon or Canon before this Cyber-Shot came along. See how it goes…SAVE SAVE SAVE….

What’s for dinner? We are back at MEDZS again… Hm…don’t really like but no choice, I have to go with the majority. He he he… Since this is my 2nd time, I shall not order the same dishes as last trip. His colleagues ordered Rosti with Sausage, Grilled Dory, Pizzas. M ordered his Sausage platter again (he also ordered that the last time).

I ordered Rosemary & Truffle Roast Chicken. Honestly, I’m not really a fan of Truffle, especially Truffle fries which is so popular nowadays (JL & I ordered at Au Chocolat too). Thankfully, there’s not much of a Truffle taste or smell. The chicken was nice, tender and juicy (no blood :p). I like the mashed potato, really nice and smooth. Don’t like the veg, and the way the staff placed the veg on the plate, really doesn’t look very appetizing. M loves it though.

Rosemary Truffle Roast Chicken
Rosemary Truffle Roast Chicken

He ordered Crispy Pork. The skin is crispy, I like. The texture is similar to Roast Pork we order from usual Chicken Rice stall, but I think taste better and goes well with the sauce :p

Crispy Pork
Crispy Pork

And of course! It will not be a complete meal without any desserts :p I’ve ordered Waffle. They only have Strawberry flavored ice-creams, eg. Strawberry with Oreo, Strawberry & Vanilla, etc. I chose Strawberry with Pistachios.


Together with 4 Beers (1-1 promo), total damage was about S$258. Quite pricey, isn’t it?


Medzs (Orchard Central)
181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central
B2-01/02/03, Singapore 238896

Opening Hours:
Daily: 11am-11pm



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