The Man’s Birthday

Happy Birthday

Last Friday, 6 Sept was his birthday. He’s not working on that day and I took half day leave in the afternoon to have lunch with him. Made a reservation at this Italian Bistro at 230pm but I cancelled it when the staff called me at 150pm telling me that the restaurant closes at 3pm, last order at 245pm. DUH! Shall explain more about it at the end of the blog. It literally spoilt my mood!

As usual, he’s always late. What to do, BIRTHDAY BOY! Since I was early, I walked to Alfresco Gusto at Ion Orchard to check if I need to make any reservation. The staff said should be ok, I can come back later. GOOD! They have indoor and outdoor area and of course with a smoking corner for him as well. It is located along the road, hence we can see Wheellock Place from our seat.

Alfresco Gusto

Looking at the menu, he was attracted to this egg yolk on the Carbonara and of course he ordered that. For me, as usual, I go for Marinara :p We wanted to order pizzas as well, but decided to order later as the table was not big enough.

Alfresco Gusto - Menu

CarbonaraLinguine in cream and white wine sauce, cooked with bacon and chives, and topped with an egg yolk.
It is too rich and cheesy for me. But for him or Cheese lovers, this should be good.


MarinaraSpaghetti in classic tomato sauce served with assorted seafood sauteed in white wine
I always ordered Marinara because I couldn’t take cream based, and I simply love seafood :p I love the texture of their spaghetti, not overcooked. Seafood was fresh too. 4 muscles, 3 prawns and 1 scallop.


After the pastas, we were too full for any more pizza. Sigh…sad, shall try that next time then. But no matter what, we must order Tiramsu! Nicely plated but can’t help feeling that the plate is slightly too big :p


Sorry, my pictures really didn’t do much justice to the food. Always seated at the wrong side and often capture my shadow 🙁

Luckily, it was raining the whole day. The weather was nice to go for some Al Fresco dining 😀 I would want to come back again to try the pizzas 😀

Alfresco Gusto
2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard
#01-17, Singapore 238801

Opening Hours:
Mon, Tue, Sun: 11am – 12am
Wed – Thu: 11am – 1am
Fri – Sat: 11am – 2am


Recalled my unhappiness with the table reservation, I was still very unhappy! I was researching what and where to eat, came across several reviews about Covelli and would love to try. The first thing I checked is the operating hours, as there are some restaurants will close in the afternoon and open again at night for dinner. Wouldn’t want to have a rush lunch with the birthday boy. Since their website, facebook fanpage stated the opening hours is 11am – 10pm, so I went online on Thursday to make a reservation at Friday, 230pm.

Well, the staff called at 150pm on Friday saying the restaurant closed at 3pm. Have I missed the timing information somewhere or non of the timing information was updated? And why do they have to call me at 150pm and not earlier? Luckily, I’ve checked out several Italian restaurants in the area before hand, I can then change venue at such last minute. Cannot imagine if I had no alternatives, we’ll probably end up in having other food instead of Italian 🙁 That would be such a spoiler! What an experience!


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