An average Mediterranean Place – Medz (Orchard Central)

Medz 160 x 120

Met him and 2 other friends for dinner on Tuesday, as usual I was late.  They were already sitting inside Medz (Orchard Central).  Well, it’s my first time visiting this place and probably it’s on a weekday it’s quite quiet with only less than 10 tables were occupied.

It has the same dining concept as Marché but serves Mediterranean food.  I was given a card at the entrance for me to order with the card and pay later at the exit.  What I like is that, you are given a buzzer with station’s name after you’ve placed your order.  When your food is ready for collection, your buzzer will vibrate.  Good right, I don’t have to wait at the food station or walk to and fro just to check if my food is ready.  And they have wide range of Beer!

Medz @ Orchard Central
Medz @ Orchard Central

There are 8 food stations for you to choose from – Spanish, French, Turkish, Greek, Italian, Moroccan, etc. I didn’t know that French, Italian, Spanish were classified as Mediterranean. I didn’t noticed that there was Italian station when I walked the 3rd round :p Not a fan of Turkish. And finally I saw Sandwich! I stood at the station, and I was served only after the staffs finished chatting! Guess what, he asked me not to look at the menu on top, just look at those written on the glass in front of me. Well, if I’m not suppose to look at the menu on top, why keep it there? I’ve provided 3 options and none available. Gave up!

Was with him and M at the Italian station. 3 of us standing there, as if transparent. The 3 staffs were busy chatting, until someone realised that we were there. Placed our orders and walked back to our seat.

Prawn Arrabiata
Spaghetti overcooked, quite a turn off for M. Tastes bland to me, but prawns are fresh.

Vongole in White Wine Sauce
While I was ordering this, the staff asked his colleague at the back if it’s still available. Thank goodness that this is not another “OUT-OF-STOCK” dish. Spaghetti’s texture is good but no white wine taste. And the clams were not cleaned properly! I had sandy crunchy bites while eating the dish, I didn’t finish the dish. And the greens on top doesn’t make the dish look appetizing at all.

Compared with the other 2 spaghetti dishes, this was probably the nicest. But I can only had a mouth, because it was creamy. They liked it.

I guess one can hardly go wrong with this.

Lamb & Salmon Skewers
Lamb too hard and difficult to chew. Other than that, it’s alright, not too much taste though.

Comes in Pork, Lamb and Veal. Personally, I think the greens on top spoilt the look. Mashed potato was nice and smooth. Sausages were ok.

Not so fantastic, you can probably skip this. Plain Rosti is about S$5. You have to pay for toppings like Ham, Sour Cream, Sunny Side up, etc. We chose Sour Cream, because it’s not worth paying like a S$10 for additional Ham. And I’d prefer Marché’s Rosti.

Our orders @ Medz
Our orders @ Medz

Total bill is around S$170 because we’ve ordered beer too.  First time dining in Medz.  Well, don’t think I would want to go back again.


Medzs (Orchard Central)
181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central
B2-01/02/03, Singapore 238896

Opening Hours:
Daily: 11am-11pm


with love…

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