A recap of 2012, looking forward to 2013

Happy New Year

Time flies, really couldn’t believe that 2012 is almost over. Oh my…where’s my 2012, what have I done? It’s New Year’s Eve today, any plans for countdown later? I don’t think we will be going out, we are staying at home to welcome 2013. Avoid the crowd :p

While he’s thinking of what to have for dinner, I am here doing a recap of 2012. Hm…don’t feel like I’ve achieved a lot, no major ups or downs…

  • Started updating my blog regularly, sharing my grumbles, stuffs I ate, stuffs I enjoyed (Thank you for following my blog, liking my posts :D)
  • I’ve quit smoking! (I consider this as a great achievement…)
  • Gotten a gift from him – a Samsung Galaxy SII
  • Stay or Go? On time or delay?
  • Year of goodbyes & welcome (including myself, juz did it in December)
  • Won a bag of beauty products worth S$1,000 from Her World Beauty Awards 2012 Contest.
  • Gotten a 6-months subscription of Bellabox from a friend.
  • Some complaints here and there…

What’s my goal for 2013?
Well, my friends and I are not really into keeping new year resolutions or checklists, as we never really stick to it. I had a list every year, but never really keep to it. Probably out of a list of 8-10 items, I only managed to achieve 1-2. I want a change this year, not young anymore :p I want to plan what I want myself to be in the coming 2013. It’s a challenge, but it will be good to keep a list and review again on 31 Dec 2013. Let’s see how many ticks I’ll get then.

  • Starting a new job in Feb 2013, hopefully it will be a good start. It’s something very different from the current scopes and I want to do well. Aim not to repeat anything that’s in 2012 in the new job.
  • Hoping to have a change in our status in 2013.
  • Exercise regularly, I wanna lose weight :p
  • I must manage my time properly and be disciplined in completing tasks.
  • I must learn to say no.

Hm…think I shall not be greedy, let’s keep the list at 6 items for the time being. So, what’s your goals for 2013?

Before the clock strikes 12, I’d like to wish you a Happy Happy New Year and may you have a fruitful 2013!



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