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I’m so sorry, this might be a long post. Just wanna note down my encounter with a Blue Honda Jazz yesterday evening after work.

To be honest, I am so tempted to put his car plate number here to let everyone knows about it, but that doesn’t seems nice. He definitely is not a new driver as he doesn’t have any “P” plate on the car. I was at the traffic junction, already crossing the road after the traffic light turned green (and it’s NOT even blinking yet). This young male driver (probably in his late 20s, early 30s), has no intention of slowing down or to let me continue walking, just drove pass in front of me. Perhaps the image below will provide a better picture.

Should the driver give way?
Should the driver give way?

He he he…not sure if the arrows are confusing. I am trying to indicate the traffic direction. Anyways, only require to focus on 2 main items, ie. the footprints, the green dot which represents traffic light, and the blue arrow. I was already crossing the road, and almost like ¼ of the lane, and he juz drove pass in front of me. Luckily I was walking slowly. Cannot imagine if I happened to walk faster and he still doesn’t have the intention to slow down. He’s such an irresponsible driver. If he kinda forget all the traffic rules, he ought to go for a refresher course.

Previously, there’s this fatal Ferrari-Taxi crash, 4cars accident @ Rochor, Bus Accidents here and there, I do wonder how drivers get their license nowadays. Do drivers ever ask themselves what kind of driver they are??

He he he… I actually had a list of people who shouldn’t drive in my mind:

People with no patience
Honking is usually to warn others of danger. However, what I always notice at a traffic junction, when the traffic light turns green, the drivers behind will usually honk the car in front if they did not move off immediately. Honking is not to express your frustration, why can’t you wait for a while?

Besides honking, drivers who like to squeeze here and there to overtake other cars can be irritating too. There are times when some taxi drivers drive this way, and I almost vomit after the ride.

People who drinks
Hm…there’s always tv commercials reminding drivers about this. Wonder how many people really stick to it. At times, we will come across some news saying that there’s some accidents somewhere and the driver drank earlier… Kinda scary… Please, if you drink, don’t drive. Be a responsible driver.

People who thinks they are Lewis Hamilton
Is it that difficult to stick to the speed limit? If you think you are that good, why don’t you join F1 or any other races? If not, why can’t you stick to the speed limit and be a safe driver without endangering other people’s life.

People who are lazy
Erm…either too late or too lazy to turn on their signal lights to inform other drivers or even pedestrians the intentions… Hm…fingers cramp?

People who likes to multitask
Erm…it’s one of the traffic rules that one should not use a mobile phone without any handsfree device, there’s still quite a number of the drivers doing that. In the same traffic junction where I met the Blue Honda Jazz, there is like 3/10 drivers holding onto their mobile phones and making a turn at the same time. Crossing the traffic junction near my office is SOOOOO stressful.

What else to add on to the list? Share with me.

I’m not trying to say all the drivers are like that; there are definitely some good ones out there. However, the percentage of irresponsible drivers are not small too. One has to pass the Basic Theory, Advance Theory and the Practical tests before you can get your driver’s license. Duration can be like around 6 months or even longer if you fail the practical tests. Do you only obey the traffic rules during your practical test and after that just forget about it? And of course, I have to admit that some accidents were caused by the negligence of pedestrians, example crossing the road when the traffic light is red, jaywalking, etc.

How to be good Pedestrians?
– Use footpaths and walkways.
– Use pedestrian crossings.
– When crossing the road, stop, look and check for any vehicles coming in your path.
– Don’t cross at road bends or in between stationary vehicles. Oncoming vehicles cannot see you and you cannot see them too.

Really hope that one day, everyone will be a responsible road user.

Oh!!! Before I forget, I think I didn’t not mention the location of that stressful junction. Not sure the road name, but here’s the map. For drivers around that area, please do look out for pedestrians at the traffic light.

Traffic junction @ Beach Road
Traffic junction (in the circle) @ Beach Road

Be a Responsible Road User


with love…

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