People I met during MRT rides in Singapore

Train rides in Singapore

Into the 2nd week of my new job, trying to cope as there are some new areas besides those that I did previously. Lotsa of “googling” to learn more about the information, tips, guides, etc, anything related to media ads :p  The new workplace is located at Chinatown, which is 13 train stops away from my place. Oh my, no direct bus and it will be a long journey if there is any. Most important of all, I hate taking trains mainly because i hate escalators, or I’m afraid to be exact. I will be very cautious and slow in taking my first step onto the escalator…

Anyways, I have to leave home at 8am daily to board the light rail (LRT) to change to the North East Line (NEL) at Punggol Station. Total journey takes about an hour inclusive of waiting time, which I’m fine with that. During this 1hour journey, I’ve met different kinds of people. The people I’ve met last week is good enough to drive me crazy.

#1 – die die must get a seat type
Despite being in the last station of the NEL, I’m unable to get any seats. Passengers will board the train 1 or 2 stops away from Punggol and back again just to get a seat. If you are travelling from end to end I’d think is ok. But if you are alighting 5 stops away, why bother?

#2 – air armpit type
It is so pack in the train like a can of sardine. People are standing so close to each other such that I think they can read what the person beside is messaging from his mobile. I can read the book of the person in front of me. It is already so packed, I simply do not understand how can people be so inconsiderate to air their armpits in a crowded train! Don’t you have any sense at all? And why should I have to go under your armpit early in the morning just to get out of the train!

#3 – cannot balance type
I know it is difficult to keep balance in a moving train. If you have difficulties why can’t you hold on to the pillar within your reach and have to sway here and there and bump onto others or pull someone beside in order to stand properly? If you bump onto someone accidentally, shouldn’t you have the basic courtesy to apologise? Where are your manners?

I remembered there was once I’ve accidentally stepped on a lady’s foot. Guess what! She stepped me back with full strength. Oh, com’on… You can do better than that, don’t you! She’s probably in late 30s or early 40s.. I even planned to apologise but she was too fast. I have yet to say “sorry” and she stepped me. Or should I even be thankful that she’s not wearing heels!

#4 – no backbone type
It is early in the morning, maybe tired, but please bear in mind that the poles or pillars in the train are for people to hold onto with their hands. They are not for you to lean against especially if you will be taking up quite a big of surface area. I’m sure I will not be happy to have my hand underneath your fats! Maybe you can consider to enrol into some pole dancing course if you like.

And of course, I’m not obliged to be the pillar or poles for you to lean onto!

#5 – gentlemen? No more…
A friend was amazed that I think that ‘gentlemen’ still exists. Well… after last week and past experiences, I think the number of gentlemen in Singapore is getting lesser and lesser. Men nowadays will run towards the seat, while the women were left with no choice but to stand. I’ve encountered several times myself. Some will sit and doze off on the priority seat which is suppose to be offered to the needy. There was once, I entered into a cabin, more than half of the people seating down were men. Sad isn’t it?

Oh, not only in the train. I’ve encountered several times at Punggol Plaza. I opened the glass door and a man just convenient walk out first, without any “THANK YOU”, and another just walk in. So, I have to hold the door, wait for these 2 men to walk in or out before I can leave the building. There’s no “THANK YOU” from both. What’s wrong with a “THANK YOU”, that difficult to say? I’m not paid to open the door for you!

#6 – nuisance
This happened on my way home from work one day. As mine is the last stop of the track, that’s why it will be quite empty. This mother allowed her two daughters to shout loudly, to run to and fro in the cabin. Really very noisy and becoming a nuisance. I believe it also does reflect bad on oneself, isn’t it? The mother did not stop her kids but continued on her iPhone games. After a hectic day at work, I’d look forward to a peaceful train ride home…

Of course, the list above are only those that I came across last week. May have more to add on in future. And, definitely not all are as bad as my list. There are still nice and considerate people out there. Going to work is becoming a stressful thing for me as I need to stay in the packed train for almost an hr. At times, I felt like I’m suffocating. The space is so small such that I my privacy/personal space is no longer there anymore. I can even touch the person’s back when I folded my arms in front of my chest. That close!

I’m sure the same thing happens in other countries, some which can be worse. I’m just wondering how can we improve these… cannot imagine that there’s even a plan to increase the population to 6.9million in future. In such a small country, with the current population, the train is already so packed. And not to forget that I am only travelling on north east line. Those going towards Raffles Place or Tanjong Pagar should be worse. I really do not wish to be in the train when we really have 6.9million population.

I will have to walk then…



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