Lepark @ People’s Park Complex, Chinatown


A client drop by our office one evening with some snacks for us – Spam Fries. We were all curious and asked where he bought it. And that’s how we got to know about this Tapas Bar & Beer Garden – Lepark.

In Singlish term, “Lepak” means “Chilling Out”, that’s probably why the name. Who would have thought there’s this rooftop dining place at the rooftop carpark in People’s Park Complex, the prominent yellow/green building in Chinatown. And our office is just near by 😀

Decided to explore the place with colleagues. Finding our way there was a challenge. Wahaha…in fact, probably we were overconfident. We took the wrong lift up to level 6 before reading the “how to get there” info in Lepark’s Facebook fanpage. Wahaha… So, here’s how to get there:
– Take either Lift 1 or Lift 2 (near the entrance at the bus stop) to level 5
– Walk up the stairwell to level 6

Here’s the entrance. Well, as usual, blur me… It’s suppose to be HOME, but somehow the “H” was out :p

Lepark at People's Park Complex

Environment and lightings kinda cozy with illustrations everywhere, on the wall or the floor.

Lepark at People's Park Complex

Place your food and drinks orders at different counters. W ordered drinks while J and D went to the other end for food orders. The rest of us? Wahaha…busy taking pics :p Everything was self service, from ordering to collection. It will be more convenient if they also had the LED display of food order number near the drink counter too, so that we don’t have to go to and fro to check if our food is ready at the other end.

I don’t remember seeing any coke or 7-up. There’s snapple, mineral water and other bottled non-alcohoic drinks. They have 4 draft beers on tap and wide selection of craft beers. We’ve ordered a tower of Asahi ($55). Bar bites range from $6 – $8, while mains range from $10 – $18. Food were delicious and some quite special too, such as the Otah Bomb which comes with the platter. It’s actually Otah wrapped in deep fried wonton skin.

Lepark Platter ($18)
Otah Bomb, some chips and forgot what else :p

Lepark Platter

Signature Platter ($40) + Peri Peri Grilled Chicken with Nachos ($12) + Fried Chicken Wings ($8)
Signature Platter consists of Salted Egg Yolk Soft Shell Crab Sliders, Lobster in Sambal Butter, Peri Peri Chicken on Chips and Truffle Fries

Signature Platter

Pepper Salt Crispy Chicken Skin ($6)
My personal favorite and it goes well with beer. But it’s Chicken skin, sinful? Wahahaa…whatever, eat first talk later :p

Pepper Salt Crispy Chicken Skin

Chunky Spam Fries with Truffle Mayo ($8)

Spam Fries

Sausage Platter ($25)

Sausage Platter

Total amount for the food was $117.

Lepark is also meant to be a venue for Creative / Screening events. With the space available, they can host various activities such as flea markets, events, music events, movie screenings, etc. Quite fun. LH, our yoga master is excited over their upcoming Yoga Party. You get to have an evening of Yoga & music on the rooftop, under the stars. Besides Sunset Yoga, there’s also a wellness market filled with good, artsy handcrafted collectables, unique local brands, etc. Sounds fun isn’t it? Visit their Facebook Fanpage for more information of their events and their weekend line-ups.

Overall, nice environment, nice food. I would love to return with Boyfriend for more drinks and food if we’re in the area. Oh! About the toilet. We were told to go down the stairs to level 4 and use the public toilet. Hm…luckily, it’s clean.

If you have the chance, do explore and hope you like it 😀


1 Park Road, People’s Park Complex
Level 6, Singapore 059108
Tel: +65 9658 9938 / +65 6908 5809

Opening Hours:
Tue – Fri: 4pm – 10pm
Weekends: 11am – 11pm
Close on Mondays.



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