Lepark @ People’s Park Complex, Chinatown


A client drop by our office one evening with some snacks for us – Spam Fries. We were all curious and asked where he bought it. And that’s how we got to know about this Tapas Bar & Beer Garden – Lepark. In Singlish term, “Lepak” means “Chilling Out”, that’s probably why the name. Who would have thought there’s this rooftop dining place at the rooftop carpark in People’s […]

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Lunch in Chinatown


Been working in Chinatown for almost a month. Besides the tourists, senior citizens, there are lotsa good food around. Well, I always link Chinatown with the senior citizens and will only go there during Chinese New Year or foot massage at People’s Park Complex. It is a very old estate but has changed a lot over the years. It has also become one of the tourist spot now […]

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