Addicted to Yuen Long Hong Kong Pastry & Buns (Chinatown)


S was raving so much about this Hong Kong Pastry at People’s Park Complex one day, so I tried it. I was addicted and been buying their warm buns for breakfast on the way to work. I think they probably just got out of the oven not long ago.

Yuen Long Hong Kong Pastry & Bun

I love their Honey Char Siew Po Lo Bun (叉燒波羅包), especially the flaky layer at the top and the Char Siew inside is juicy and moist.

Char Siew Po Lo Bun


Luncheon Meat Bun
Another favorite! Look at the Luncheon Meat, it’s unlike some which is very thin! That’s also why I have been going back for it. Intro to other colleagues and they were hooked too.

Luncheon Meat Bun

Baked Char Siew Bun
They have baked Char Siew Bun too! It’s similar to the ones we had in Tim Ho Wan but tasted different. I like the crust but will be good if there’s more filling in it. Boyfriend preferred this version though.

Salted Egg Bun
This is also yummy and you really gotta eat it with care. I attempted to tear the bun a bit to take a picture but failed. I actually made quite a mess as the salted-egg filling oozed out most of the time. The filling is a bit too sweet for me.

Egg Tarts
Erm…normal. I was hoping the crust to be flaky but not really.

Yuen Long Hong Kong Pastry & Bun

And they are not expensive, most of them cost about $1.30 – $1.50. They have wife biscuits in different flavors too. Shall try them soon!


Yuen Long Hong Kong Pastry & Buns
1 Park Road, People’s Park Complex
#01-62, Singapore 059108

Opening Hours:
Daily: 8am – 10pm


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