Foot Massage at Yi Sheng Reflexology 足浴城 in JB


[in JB (Johor Bahru)] Have been following boyfriend and M to JB for his petrol top up. We usually drove in at around 8+ or 9 at night (less jam :p) First stop definitely has to be Yi Sheng Reflexology 足浴城, under Kaki-Kaki Reflexology 足浴之家. It’s becoming a must-go destination. Sometimes it’s really packed and will have to wait upto an hour or so for available slots. M will always look for the particular masseur because she used a lot of strength, but she’s not always available. As for Boyfriend and I, we don’t have a fixed masseur to ask for. He he he…we just take whoever’s available. Wahahaha…

Boyfriend’s and M’s body massage will take 2hrs. I’d always opt for foot massage + occasionally shoulder massage to top up to around 1hr 30mins, so that I don’t have to wait too long for their session to end. He he he… I don’t really fancy body massage. Kinda uncomfortable and the pain was unbearable for me :p Wahahaha… I tried once and the masseur said “Wah…you really cannot take pain leh, and I didn’t even use any strength”. -_-”’ The body massage comes ear candling, cupping or body scrub. Went for body scrub but at the end of it, I was asked to walk to the bathroom in the towel where there’s other customers walking along the aisle too…

Foot massage will be in a dimly lighted hall area with big projection screen screening some old movies. And huge comfy arm chair for you to sit and or lie down comfortably. Foot massage was pretty ok, and sometimes you can top up additional RM$38 for foot cupping or RM$28 for pedicure. Their pedicure service is mainly foot filing or scraping, etc, removing dead skin. Overall, I’ll my massage session was about RM$120, which is about SGD$43. Quite ok bah… So, if you are in JB, try them out too. They have a lot of branches in JB, such as Tmn Pelangi, Grand Sentosa Hotel, Bukit Indah, etc.

For more information, visit them at:

After massage, we’ll always drop by this Wonton Noodle coffeeshop nearby. Forgot the name, think is 阿飘 or something. Will update next time. With the monthly supper in JB, think I need lotsa exercise to shed the tummy fats… Tummy getting VERY BIG!!!!


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