Dining in Hong Kong – Ming Kee Restaurant (明記飯店)

Hong Kong

[in Hong Kong] Spent the day in Lantau Island. Headed to Causeway Bay for yummy yummy dinner.

A friend brought me to 明記飯店 – Ming Kee Restaurant in Causeway Bay few years ago. Since then, I make it a point to dine there whenever I’m in HK. It is reasonably priced and food is GOOD 😀 They are quite like those 大排檔 (roadside stalls), used to have tables on the small road outside their non-fanciful restaurant. Diners can choose to dine indoors or outdoors. Personally, I would prefer outdoors on the road…a different experience as we don’t get really get these kind of dining environment in Singapore (except Lau Pa Sat). It should be one of Hong Kong’s characteristic. Since you can choose to dine outdoors, you have to be prepared that the environment may not be sparkling clean. Although 大排檔 is quite a memory to most Hong Kong people, there’s not many left nowadays.

How to get there?
I’m sorry that I may not be able to explain clearly, you can roughly figure out the location from the map below. It is just about 10-15mins walk from Time Square at Causeway Bay.


On the way to the restaurant from Times Square, you will pass by a market place and there may be puddles of water here and there. So, do be careful. Oh, and also be prepared to wait for a table, queue may be long on weekends.


They have boxes of fresh seafood outside the restaurant for you to choose.


Here’s what we had for dinner!!!!

豆腐班腩煲 – Some fish belly with Tofu
Fresh and soft. Not that salty though…
明記飯店 - 豆腐班腩煲

Clams in Black Beans Sauce
My must-have dish…like the sauce but they can add more chili, it should taste better…he he he…I am forever a seafood lover :p
明記飯店 - Clams in Black Beans Sauce

椒鹽排骨 – Salt & Pepper Pork Ribs
明記飯店 - 椒鹽排骨

蒸蛋 – Steam Egg
Nice, soft and full of flavor. Wonder what soy sauce did they use.
明記飯店 - Steam Egg

Stir Fry Vegetables with Garlic
This may be oily.
明記飯店 - Stir Fry Vegetables with Garlic

To some, the food may be slightly oily and salty. Not sure if you can request for less oil. Anyways, I don’t eat there regularly, so I think it is still quite alright. Satisfied with my dinner! LOVE!!!


明記飯店 – Ming Kee Restaurant
27 – 28 Bowrington Road
Tel: (852) 2574 1929

Opening Hours:
Daily: 530pm – 3am


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