Juventus FC vs Singapore Selection at the new Stadium


Mentioned in a post previously that I will be watching the soccer match live, and HERE I AM!

It was my first time to the new Stadium at the Sportshub, and also my first time to watch a match (Singapore Selection vs Juventus FC) LIVE! And it’s JUVENTUS!!! Wahahaha… I must say, we do have really nice stadium, but the pitch like a bit botak?


Before the game starts, there’s some interaction with the crowd. The host got the crowd to make some noise and you can see how loud it is from the digital noise meter on the screen. Quite fun.

InteractionScream louder for a goal!

The players were warming up before the match

Players Warming Up

Atmosphere was great in the stadium. Crowds cheered for both teams. Even though Juventus FC scored 5-0 against Singapore, I think the Singapore players played quite well and the Singapore keeper had quite a few good saves. Erm… I’m not an expert to give any reviews or comments of the match….wahahaha… Anyways, we had fun!

01 During the matchShot take by boyfriend with his Z1

Halfway through the game, there’s even a Kallang Wave!!!

The legendary Kallang Wave

Ceremony at the end of the match:

Prize CeremonyWonder why not the whole team… sigh… Only managed to catch a few glimpse of Buffon at the first half… so sad…

After the match, on the way to the carpark, we saw a lot of people going into the Aquatic Centre, we followed too… Wahhhhh! Nice! Heard that this will be the location for the future swimming competitions.

Singapore Sports Hub - OCBC Aquatic Centre

Oh, we were there quite early today, at around 3pm. So, we shopped around at the nearby Kallang Wave Mall. Rhere’s NTUC Fairprice, H&M, Uniqlo, Cotton On (coming soon), Harvey Norman and other restaurants and Indoor Rock Climbing facilities. Pretty convenient, it’s located just outside the Stadium MRT station.

Kallang Wave Mall

Nice stadium! Now, I’m looking forward to the Brazil and Japan match in October this year!!! WOOHOO!!! Can it be addictive for watching live soccer matches? Wahahaha…


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