Almost half into 2015


I have been neglecting my blog for the longest time so far… Indeed, it’s time to seek some work-life balance. Not that I do work at home all the time, but I still do sometimes, especially when I couldn’t find time during office hours to write new social media posts for clients. Hence, I have to do it over the weekends. So while working on new posts ideas and usually […]

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Juventus FC vs Singapore Selection at the new Stadium


Mentioned in a post previously that I will be watching the soccer match live, and HERE I AM! It was my first time to the new Stadium at the Sportshub, and also my first time to watch a match (Singapore Selection vs Juventus FC) LIVE! And it’s JUVENTUS!!! Wahahaha… I must say, we do have really nice stadium, but the pitch like a bit botak? Nice! Before the […]

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A date with boyfriend

A day with Love

Was asking “When are we going to watch THOR” since it was out on 31 Oct 2013… Happy Happy that boyfriend suggested to watch on Saturday (partly because he’s going AMK for a haircut…better than nothing…ha ha haha…we are going on a date on WEEKEND!!!) Anyways, went online to book the tickets at 3pm. WAH! I must have been living on a mountain for quite sometime. I didn’t […]

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Day out at Holland Village


Work schedule been crazy for the past 2 weeks…sigh… But it’s alright, I’m looking forward to my HK trip on 23 Oct 2013. Though it’s just 4D3N, it should be a good break from work and I am happily planning my itinerary now :p. Well, I’m going with boyfriend and his parents :p We were out 2 Saturdays ago (28 Sep 2013). Boyfriend complained that there isn’t much […]

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Weekend at home


He woke up on Saturday with bad sore throat and cough. It was so sudden, he was alright on Friday night when his friends came over for Mahjong session. Maybe he’s already got the flu bug earlier? Weather kinda weird recently. It can be sunny in the morning and started pouring in the afternoon…. He asked me to go down to get him cough mixture, lozenges… Hm…wonder why […]

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