Wedding Dinner at Mandarin Orchard

Wedding Favors

Attended his cousin’s wedding at Mandarin Orchard yesterday night. I think it’s my first time attending wedding here… I must say, I’m quite impressed with the service and food. Worth considering this place for a wedding venue (if I ever get married…wahahaha). I’m wondering how come none of my friends had their wedding banquet here. 

An assistant was assigned to the bride and I saw her following conscientiously behind the bride throughout the night, carrying the train while she’s walking, arranged the train neatly when the bride stopped. Even the bride said she’s been a great help for the night. Quite a unique and personal service the hotel provides. I don’t remember seeing this service in other hotels.

The staffs always with a smile. The server (Yeelin) for our table was young but seems experienced. She looks like a student on vacation job. Anyways, she’s friendly and attentive, neat attire and even hair was neatly bun up. So far, she’s probably one of the few good ones I’ve seen in wedding banquets. She refilled the drinks and remove the plates promptly and the table was clean most of the time. Even at the end of the dinner, I overheard someone said she stayed back to help even though she could go back early. This should be what people always say – takes pride in the job. THUMBS UP!

Sorry, no food pics :p Food was good of course, especially the Braised Whole Baby Abalone with Shitake Mushroom and Seasonal Vegetable. It’s a whole baby abalone for each guest instead of the usual sliced abalone. Quite a surprise to see Venison in the menu. It’s our first time having venison in wedding banquets. Hm…the food was really good, but 9 course was really too much for my stomach…wahaaha… I was very full after the 6th dish. I was looking forward to the dessert but was so-so only…
Wedding Banquet Menu in Mandarin Orchard


The Wedding Favors
The usual ones I’ve seen were coasters, Letter Openers, Key Chains, Saucer, Salt & Peppers containers, etc. What we got was a bottle of Honey and a Bear. Never gotten honey before…he he he… I’m wondering if I’m able to source for my own wedding favors. Ha ha ha… I even feel like customising my own wedding invites :p

Wedding Favors


I would definitely recommend this place to friends if they are looking for a wedding banquet venue. Wahahaha…I would consider to have dinner here too (if I ever get married and of course if the price is right)…


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