Merry Christmas

merry xmas

Ho Ho Ho…it’s Christmas Eve… According to my time, it’s 730pm now, it will be Christmas soon! Have you placed your presents underneath the Xmas tree? Don’t think we are going out for any parties tonight. Firstly, he’s not feeling well, still sleeping…think we will be counting down at home. And everywhere is so crowded…don’t wanna squeeze too… Some of my friends are currently overseas and saw the pictures they posted, so envious…they are enjoying their White Christmas… So sad, there isn’t any winter in Singapore πŸ™ Hm…maybe I should put it in next year’s to-do list – a White Christmas Holiday :p

We worked half day today. Having said that, we only managed to leave the office at about 2plus-3 as some of us are clearing some work. Didn’t go far for our Company’s xmas lunch as it’s raining heavily, so we settled our lunch at a restaurant/eatery nearby. Reached home at about 430pm.

Before the clock strikes 12, I would like to wish everyone out there a Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy 2013. Enjoy your celebrations with your love ones πŸ˜€

merry xmas & happy 2013

:: happy holidays ::

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