Moving house preparations – Part I (Packing & Storage)

Moving house

Oh man, as mentioned in the previous post, I need to and will be moving to another place this June. It’s really a chore and yes, I’ve started to pack because I have so many stuffs. I’m still unsure what to do with my old photographs yet. But seems like I really have to throw / donate much more unwanted stuffs for this move.

Initially, I thought of getting a year’s storage space from self-storage1 providers. Googled and realised there’s quite a number of them, eg. Big Orange, Extra Space, Storhub, etc. I’ve contacted and gotten the rates from them. But it’s so expensive!!! The lowest rate I’ve got is like S$85 per month and prepay for a year. That means I will have to fork out S$900+ upfront. That’s a lot, especially I’m just thinking of storing 3-5 document boxes. Looks like it is not a very economical solution for me as I may store more than 12 months.

Since I only have 3-5 document boxes, I’d rather save that money, do another round of detail spring cleaning and really dump or donate those which I never used but occupies too much storage space. I’m not sure about the size of my future room. Maybe it’s about the same size as my current room, I don’t have to dump so much then? Then again, flats in Punggol are full of surprises…ha ha ha…you’ll never know how small it can be…

Renting an unit or a room in Singapore, we usually have to pay deposit, 1 or 2 month’s rental in advance and forgot what else. All in all, is ANOTHER SUM OF MONEY!!! URGHHHHHHH…. NO MONEY!!! Oh man, that’s another headache…it’s worse than packing…


to be continued…


1 Self-Storage facilities rent the storage space, usually on monthly basis, to individals or businesses to store excess inventory, archived, or household items. The rented spaces are usually secured by the tenant’s own lock and key, or more advanced ones with pin codes.

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