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Been catching him on Instagram & YouTube, knowing his whereabouts and performances. Wahahaha…I do sound like a stalker now. First of all, he’s not the kind of singer with clean voice. His slightly coarse. I do think I like coarse voice…wahahaha… He is Kimman Wong, 黃劍文, from Hong Kong. Shall not go too much into his history, just enjoy his singing 😀

Here’s some of his performances which I like, ENJOY!
張震嶽 〜 抱著你 Kimman Wong 黃劍文 Busking in H.K. Causeway Bay Sogo

張國榮: 有誰共鳴 (COVER by KIMMAN 黃劍文)

Most recent: Stand by me – Kimman Wong Busking Holiday in Prague 2014

Quite a talented guy too. At times, he put his experience into lyrics & melodies. And here’s one of them:


I guess he’s enjoying his busking holidays… I haven’t meet him in person yet, really hope to be able to catch him when I’m in Hong Kong or even better to catch him in Singapore 😀 Hm…wondering if he will ever drop by Singapore…

Want to know more about him? Visit the Facebook Fanpage – Kimman Wong


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