McDonald’s Surprise Alarm App

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Stumbled upon the McDonald’s Surprise Alarm app while buying lunch at McDonalds on the McDonald’s National Breakfast Day…and I just downloaded the app last week…he he he… I like the interface design and the cityscape changes color depending on what time you want the alarm to ring. You can choose the preset alarm tones, the tones in the phone or choose “Surprise Me” to wake up to different […]

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AR XMAS at Marina Square

merry christmas

After looking at JL’s Penguin pics she took in Marina Square, I’ve been urging boyfriend to go so that I can take some cute penguin pictures too…wahahahaha… AND, here we are, on Christmas Day! Here comes the Penguins!!! Upon arriving at Marina Square, you may see this big poster, asking shoppers to download the Marina Square mobile app for some AR (Augmented Reality) experience. Of course, I have […]

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