Preparing for Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is just about 2 weeks away, how’s your CNY shopping and preparation? Seems to be a must to get new clothes for CNY. His mama been asking if we bought any. I went shopping at Bugis Street previously and bought 4 tops, a pair of shoes and 2 bags; went shopping at Vivocity last Saturday and he got a shirt and a Polo T (initially he didn’t wanna get a shirt, but not much choices, no nice Polo T around). He also bought some TShirts online and we’ve finally gotten our first Couple T. Tadah!
Couple Tshirt from Qoo10

Of course, there’s some other practices in my to-do list every year:

Spring Cleaning
It’s is an important Chinese New Year tradition to give the home a thorough cleaning. It is believed that cleaning sweeps away bad luck of the past year and prepare the home for good luck in the coming year! His parents were not working for them past few days, they spent the entire day cleaning the window, ceiling, lights, storeroom, etc, most of the places which they don’t clean everyday.

Hm…yet to clean up my room, am going to do that this week. Going tidy my wardrobe, see what’s to be dumped…he eh he he… I’ve dumped quite a bit since I moved in last July…

CNY Goodies
Erm…yet to buy any goodies for his family yet. Ha ha ha…I’ve been thinking since I’m working in Chinatown, should be pretty easy to grab those goodies after work. Ha ha ha…wondering what to buy. His mama bought a lot last year. I’m also thinking of making fried crab stick that seems to be very popular these days. Found a recipe here. You can air-fried that if you have an airfryer. His mama asked me to buy instead, don’t have to go through the trouble to prepare and may not be nice. Erm…a tub of this easily cost $15…I don’t think it’s worth it since a packet of crab sticks is only $2+. And it’s more fun making them yourself, don’t you think so?

Oh man, am so gonna be fat this CNY.

Told his mama the other day, I can help to get some decoration stuffs…shall grab them after work these days too…ha ha ha… Think his mama bought some deco stuffs herself and already started putting them up last week. Wonder if she will be getting any flowers or plants this year since the nursery is just across the street at Tebing Lane. Oh oh…since this year is the year of Horse, I bought these in Chinatown 😛
Year of Horse

Hm…haven’t plan for an haircut, wonder if my stylist will be free on this Sunday…. Most likely not going to color my hair this year as well.

Hm…what else?
What’s in your to-do list for the Chinese New Year?


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