Counting down to the Year of Horse

Happy Chinese New Year

Went for my haircut on Sunday after Baby Rachelle’s baby shower. Kinda late appointment at 7pm, decided not to do anything fancy, just cut it short and tidy…wahahahaha… But the following day, it’s messy again. And think it looks like mushroom too 🙁

Aussie frens were in town last week, Ash and I met them for dinner at Soup Restaurant at Vivocity. Should be a good suggestion since my HK frens love the Chicken there and we quite like the food too. They loved it. Glad to make the right choice. And since it will be Chinese New Year soon, most of the restaurants had already offer CNY menu. We ordered Yu Sheng (魚生) aka Lo Hei (Prosperity Toss) too. My guests love it!

Yu Shengsorry for the blurry picture

Usually, the staffs will recite some phrases while adding the condiments/sauces in a particular order. Hm…think she’s too fast, din manage to catch all. Here’s what’s from Wikipedia:

1. Fish (Salmon/Abalone/Raw Fish, etc)
– 年年有余 (abundance)
2. Pomelo
– 大吉大利 (good luck)
3. Pepper
– 招财进宝 (attract wealth and treasures)
4. Oil
– 一本万利/财源广进 (multiples of profit or Numerous sources of wealth)
5. Carrots
– 鸿运当头 (Luck is approaching)
6. Green Radish
– 青春常驻 (Eternal Youth)
7. White Raddish
– 步步高升 (Reaching higher levels)
8. Peanuts
– 金银满屋 (House filled with Gold & Silver)
9. Sesame Seeds
– 金银满屋 (House filled with Gold & Silver)
10. Crackers
– 满地黄金 (Full of gold)
11. Plum Sauce
– 甜甜蜜蜜 (sweet & loving)

Guess you will know what to say next time…he he he…

Also did a bit of room cleaning for the past few days. Erm…even though I’ve just shifted to my new place last June, I dumped quite a bit of rubbish too (of course I do check if I can recycled or donate, I only dumped those that can be dumped). Oh Oh…a friend shared a link on his facebook, which I think it’s good to share, ie. Let’s not forget about E-Waste (

What is E-Waste?
Electronic Waste (E-Waste) or Waste Electrical refers to the electronic items that are no longer in use by consumers, and therefore disposed off as junk. It encompasses a wide range of discarded electronic devices such as computers, mp3 players, televisions and cellphones, etc. Unlike typical garbage, much of E-Waste is not biodegradable and poses large-scale health and economic threats. Some items can contain hundreds of chemicals which are known to cause cancer, respiratory illness and reproductive problems. ~ source:

A group of Final Year students from NTU’s Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information have launched the “Let’s Not Forget About E-Waste” campaign in partnership with StarHub to raise awareness about the impact of E-Waste on the environment and also to encourage us to recycle our E-Waste. So, since we are doing some spring cleaning now, why not take the opportunity to be involved in the E-Waste Recycling campaign. Click here for the list of collection points.

Happy Spring Cleaning & Recycling!


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