Pasar Malam ~ Night Market

There’s a Pasar Malam near our place for 2 weeks – Munchies time!  Pasar Malam, means Night Market in Malay.  Or was it Indonesian?  In the past, you can find Pasar Malam at night, usually in residential neighborhood.  Well, in recent years, you can find larger scale ones in neighborhood central, near the MRT stations.  They are opened in the day as well.  It has a collection of stalls selling VCDs, Hardwares, Accessories, Bags, Clothes, Mobile Phones Accessories, and a variety of food 😀

Whenever there’s one near our place, we will usually walk there after dinner and buy some munchies home 😛  I love the Kueh Tu Tu especially (you can get them at some pastry/bakery shops and of course at a higher price).  It is a traditional local mini sweet snack, which is made from Rice Flour/Glutinous Flour (not very sure), containing either Shredded Coconut or Ground Peanut filling. Oh!  This stall which I  bought the Kueh Tu Tu from, they have Chocolate fillings too!  The preparation involves dishing the flour on the flowery mould, forming a thin layer of base.  Add the fillings and compress with another layer of flour.  It will then be placed on top of a cloth and put onto the steamer.  Once done, it will then be placed on small pieces of pandan leaves for additional fragrance and to prevent them from sticking to each other.  It is available in a pack of 5s for S$2 if you buy it at Pasar Malam.  YUMMY YUMMY!!!

Kueh Tu Tu
Kueh Tu Tu

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