Dining in Hong Kong – Tsui Wah Restaurant (The Peak)

Hong Kong

[in Hong Kong] Went to the Peak on Day 3, had dinner at Tsui Wah Restaurant before going to Mong Kok. Since we are going home the following day, wanna do some souvenirs shopping :p Wanted to try Mak’s Noodle, but they were closing soon, so we had the dinner at Tsui Wah.

There’s Spaghetti, Baked Rice, Western dishes. Didn’t see much noodle dishes… I’ve read some bloggers’ reviews, didn’t see the dishes they ordered in the menu…not sure if I missed it, but didn’t see any Wanton Noodles…

Fish Fillet with Rice
Quite nice, fish is fresh and soft. Veg slightly overcooked though. Oh…I love crunchy & hard vegetables :p
Tsui Wah Restaurant - Fish Fillet with Rice

Katsu Baked Rice
Love the tomato taste. There’s prunes in it too.
Tsui Wah Restaurant - Pork Katsu Baked Rice

Katsu Curry with Rice
Hm…surprisingly it’s quite spicy. Different from the usual Japanese Curry I had in Singapore.
Tsui Wah Restaurant - Katsu Curry

Hainanese Chicken Rice
Hm…taste was ok, just that the size of the grain was much smaller than our normal rice. Love the soup though. I’m a fan of cantonese soup 😀
Tsui Wah Restaurant - Hainanese Chicken Rice

Pumpkin Soup
Didn’t try, cos  don’t like Pumpkin. But the bread was good, crispy…
Tsui Wah Restaurant - Pumpkin Soup


Tsui Wah @ The Peak
1A, G/F, The Peak Galleria
118 Peak Road, Hong Kong
Tel: (65) 2849 2345

Opening Hours:
Sun – Thurs: 830am – 11pm
Fri, Sat & Public Holidays’ Eve: 830am – 1130pm



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