Bangkok with Love – 12Baht Boat Noodle

Union Mall Boat Noodle

[Bangkok – Thailand] Mentioned in the earlier post that we had tea-break or early dinner at this 12Baht Boat Noodle place in Union Mall. Was trying to google if there’s any English name. If you happened to know it, please let me know too.

It’s a normal eatery just that all the noodle was at 12Baht per bowl, which is about SGD0.47? Portion wasn’t big, you can finish one bowl in probably 1 mouthful? Every table had bowls piled up. Boyfriend and I had 4 bowls each. He he he…

11B 12Baht Noodle Menu

Comes in Pork, Beef, Tom Yum and Brewed Beancurd (like our Yong Tau Foo).

Brewed Beancurd
11 Brewed Beancurd

Dry Noodle Without Soup
11 Dry Noodle without Soup

Thicken Soup with Pork
11 Thicken Soup with Pork

Tom Yum
11 Tom Yum


They had Deep Fried Wonton too…
11 Deep Fried Wonton

It’s at Union Mall 4th Floor, you should be able to spot it easily.

11A 12Baht Noodle


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