The Man’s Birthday

Happy Birthday

Last Friday, 6 Sept was his birthday. He’s not working on that day and I took half day leave in the afternoon to have lunch with him. Made a reservation at this Italian Bistro at 230pm but I cancelled it when the staff called me at 150pm telling me that the restaurant closes at 3pm, last order at 245pm. DUH! Shall explain more about it at the end […]

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Yummy Pizzas at Bella Pizza

Bella Pizza

Finally, get to meet up with the gang yesterday. Forgot when was the last time we met, think is sometime in September. It was just a few days away from Mooncake Festival as we met T to get her homemade green tea mooncake… YUMMY! Few days ago, was deciding where’s for dinner, LH suggested Bella Pizza. Well, first thing came to my mind was “BELLA PIZZA”??? Is there […]

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