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Had my birthday celebration last month and it’s his this month…on the 6th which is this Friday. Well, sad to say, I’m a bit unhappy about it. Sometime this year, he was away in Bangkok with his brothers for some so call brothers trip. In fact, he had his so call brothers trip twice to Bangkok! I’ve said that his next Bangkok trip has to go with me! WELL! Guess what! He is going again this Saturday (Day after his birthday!) but with his whole company (Only spouse/children allowed). URGH! I’m actually quite upset with the fact that he didn’t really tell me he is going. Well, I should have guessed! He asked me to check the exchange rate and said that it’s for M. And later in the night, he then showed me the list of people going and said he’s going too. WHY CAN’T HE SAY EARLIER? ANYWAYS, what can I do? SUCK THUMB!

So, couldn’t have long weekend birthday celebration, I thought it would still be nice to have a dinner and maybe a movie or drinks on his actual birthday. ANOTHER SHIT COMES ALONG! HIS COLLEAGUE’S FAREWELL DINNER. Then again, there’s 5 days in a week, can’t the farewell dinner be on some other day? I feel that sometimes, I’m not even an option, let alone priority! Last year, we had lunch at Prive, movie at 720pm before he went off celebrating with his brothers! OF ALL THE DAYS IT HAS TO BE ON THE ACTUAL DAY!

After so many dramas this year, I gave him 4 options. Initially, there’s only 3, I don’t really wish to add the 4th into the list. That’s all I can compromise:

1. Actual Day lunch
2. Actual Day Dinner (meaning the farewell dinner has to change)
3. After birthday (which is he not taking leave on his birthday and not having dinner with me on the actual day, so why can’t wait till he come back from his trip then!)
4. Unwillingly, added this: Thursday Dinner

I know that some may say guys should have their alone time together, girlfriend shouldn’t always stick together and girlfriend should let the guys have their own space, blah blah blah. I’m sick of hearing this. And just today, they were talking about changing IC in the group chat. I told him that since you are going to renew the passport, might as well change the IC at the same time. Next message came in was “Renew passport then bro trip”. MAKES ME EVEN MORE SICK! THEY CAN CONTINUE DREAMING, CONTINUE THE FAT HOPE AND FULLSTOP!

Not sure if I’m grouchy because I’m sick (Yes, I’m sick again…was having stomach flu + fever over the weekend and am still very bloated) or I’m very fedup with all the dramas. Anyways, he has to decide quickly as I can’t take Friday off at the last minute! Peeved!


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