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Simply have to talk about my friend’s Online Lego Store. Went to his house some time back for a short chit chat session. I knew that he has been selling Lego online, but didn’t know that he actually have a mini showroom in his house…ha ha ha… I have to call it a showroom because all were pieced together and exhibited out… There’s Ferris Wheel, Merry-Go-Round, Castle, London Bridge… They should be individual items but somehow looks like 1 big set. Very interesting. I wonder how long did he take to put them together… I supposed it requires lotsa patience too.

Brick2Brickz - Ferris Wheel

Brick2Brickz - Merry-Go-Round

Brick2Brickz - Castle

Brick2Brickz - McDonald's


Brick2Brickz - Fire Station

Brick2Brickz - City View

Brick2Brickz – an online store which sells nothing but LEGO. I used to think that they should be at some eye-popping prices, but that’s not the case. Aiming to serve the Singapore Lego community, he provides them at very competitive & affordable prices, making it affordable for anyone and everyone. I’m sure this is good news for LEGO lovers.

He has both latest and old/discontinued rare Lego sets. Oh, forgot to took a picture of his stocks though. Looking at all the Lego boxes, I don’t know which are the latest, which are the rare ones. He definitely has wide collections, eg, Cities Series, Friends Series, Harry Potter Series, Castle Series, Pirates Series, Starwars Series, and many more, for you to choose from.

Brick2Brickz helps to source for the special sets you want too. Simply send them your wish list and they will revert with a price. Occasionally, they will announce some pre-order sets via their facebook. No upfront payment is required for deals less than S$2,000. 50% deposit is required for deals if it’s more than S$2,000. Once the item(s) arrived, they will arrange a meetup/delivery. Should you decide not to get it, they will take the item back. No obligations. Good right??!!!

How to order??
Brick2Brickz sell their items mainly through eBay but not to worry if you do not have an eBay account. Feel free to drop them an email and they will arrange a Cash On Delivery (COD) pickup or meet up with you. Free delivery is also possible for selected locations only. Strive to provide the best service possible, they are very friendly and flexible about anything. You can see it from the feedbacks they received in eBay! Highly recommended to all.

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Have fun building your mini world like his!


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