30 Nov 13 – JESH Wedding Day


Reached Ash’s place at 6am on Saturday, 30 Nov 2013. It was Jeff & Ash’s wedding day… Day started at 6am and ended at 2plus am on Sunday morning…shack 😀

Reached bride’s place at 6am and prepared the items for the gatecrash. Groom & Brothers came, fetched the bride to his place. Stayed for Tea Ceremony, went back to Bride’s place for another Tea Ceremony. And followed by outdoor photo shoots at Punggol End. Weather was hot hot hot…

Breakfast for the brothers 😀 Come to think of it, this gatecrash is very friendly and mild and simple for the brothers… If you’re looking for gate crashing ideas, simply google “gate crashing game ideas”…

JESH Wedding - Gatecrash Breakfast

JESH Wedding - Punggol End outdoor shoots

Punggol Point Park

There’s also a Punggol Ranch at the Punggol Point Park. The place offers horse and pony riding activities catering to families and childrens. The caravan or wagon shaped houses are chalets opened for public. They are equipped with basic amenities like wifi, mio-TV, shower/toilet facility and air-conditioning. There’s even barbecue pits available for rent. Cool ya… Saw some deal site offering 2D1N stay at a special price but guess the deal had ended. Was quite sometime ago. Shall explore this place next time…

Horse Ranch at Punggol Point Park

Managed to catch 2 hours nap after reaching home at 1plus in the afternoon. Left home at 5plus to fetch J at her place and went to Hotel… It was raining, traffic was slow, luckily I still managed to reach in time to setup the reception table before the guests arrived.

The deco on the reception table.

JESH Wedding - Reception Table

Dinner ended at 1030pm. The guys booked a room in the same hotel. Went up after dinner, rest a while before drinking with the new couple… Went home at 2plus am…shack…

To the new couple:
Warmest wishes and congratulations. Hope your life together will be filled with joy, happiness and lots of love!



– ♥ –

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