About moving house

Moving house

Mentioned in one of the blog post, I had much difficulties sorting and packing my stuffs, too many small items and trying to consolidate them into big bags. I ended up with 3 big Toyogo[1] box (mainly useful but seldom use and the not sure items), 3 big bags (used more often and can be hidden when unpacked) and 2 big luggages (1 with clothes that I wear all the time, and the other one with clothes that I seldom or never wear. Well, that’s not done yet. I still have other smaller stuffs lying around in the room. Oh my…

I don’t have a study table. I placed 2 filled Toyogo box side by side, covered with a piece of nice cloth and that’s my table! :p

Besides packing, there are also other administrative stuffs to take care of, ie. arranging of movers, arranging of Electricity/Utilities/Telephone if necessary, changing of contact details, address, etc. Personally, my priority will be updating the records with my bank, telco, insurance, etc. Luckily, I’ve changed most to eStatements/eBilling (less papers)…he he he he… Besides these, we are also required to change our residential address within 28 days at ICA building or any of the Neighbourhood Police Posts / Centres. Participating government agencies and statutory boards will then be informed of the change in your address.

Spent the past weeks searching for possible rentals, went viewings, etc. Happened to see one of my housemate at home last weekend and were chatting. She heard from landlord that I might be extending the lease. True, provided I’m able to find friends / tenants for flat sharing. She haven’t found a place yet so we decided to continue the lease and find someone to take over the master bedroom as A (another housemate) will be moving out. She also shared some things…shocked…

So, instead of rooms hunting, I created another ad in Easy Roommate to hunt for tenants. My house is conveniently located with supermarket, 7-11, coffeeshop, lrt station within walking distance. Pray hard…hopefully we can find someone very soon so that we don’t have to fork out the difference.


[1] Toyogo box – plastic storage box with wheels and a lid. It comes in different sizes.


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