Moving house again…

Moving house

My housemate really surprised me 2 weeks ago when she told me that they will not be renewing the lease and will be shifting out. I was shocked! That means it’s 2 years already!?!?! Unknowingly, 2 yrs just went like that… My lease will be ending end of this June. Sigh…that means, I gotta repeat the process again. Search for flat/room, view the place, throw & pack, shift. Oh man…it’ really tiring. Thankfully, a friend posted that she has a room for rent last month and she is just staying 2 LRT stops away. Luckily it is still available. he he he…I’ll still be staying in Punggol πŸ˜› Getting busy again…busy packing….

How to pack?
Even though I’ve shifted like around 4 times, I’m still not an expert in packing. I threw away quite a number of stuffs (I think), but I still have that many stuffs lying around. Some were even placed in a box at that corner since the day I shifted in 2 yrs ago. I decided to repack, ha ha ha…I even categorise them yet it’s still bits and pieces everywhere…

Category 1: Never use yet cannot throw
While repacking, I took the chance to look at those old photographs which I never look at it all these while. They brought back lotsa memories, which I have no intention of throwing them away. Some were even way much older than me, that was why my uncles, mom and gran were much younger… I think I should spend a day scanning them and storing them as softcopy? Then again, that doesn’t save much space, probably just 2 or 3 gift boxes less

Category 2: Too new to throw
He he he…I can be quite a sucker for notebooks/plastic folders, especially those cute ones. And I have a lot! Some where like notebooks given by suppliers/vendors, some were given as presents, bought some cute ones and haven’t get the chance to use them yet as I kept having new notebooks… I forced myself to throw away those really old ones and there’s still somemore. Sigh… Can imagine how many trees were chopped πŸ™

Category 3: Can’t bear to throw
This is another headache. I have quite a number of stuffs which I can’t bear to throw/give them away. Story books are definitely in the list. I bought lotsa story books and some were still nicely wrapped :p I’ve read them for more than twice or more. I even still have my Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree collections. Oh man…he asked me to donate those to Salvation Army. Not that I’m unwillingly to donate, but I would like to keep them thinking that I’ll still read them again – which never did for some :p

Category 4: Not sure
Definitely another headache. I used to buy lotsa design magazines, read once and it’s there forever. Didn’t refer or look into the CD after that and yet it’s still on the book shelf. I told everyone that I’ll be throwing them away, yet it’s still on that shelf. It feels expensive to throw, 1 magazine cost around S$24 – S$30…and I have like around 30 of them…I’m like throwing S$900 + away…

It’s getting late, to be continued…he he he…


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