McDonalds Fairy Tale Hello Kitty – Little Red Riding Hood

McDonalds Hello Kitty Fairy Tale Plushies

Woohoo, it’s Thursday again…that means I’ll collect the 3rd Hello Kitty – Little Red Riding Hood. Arranged with JL to meet for breakfast at Chinatown Point at 8am before going to work :p I start work at 9am whereas she at 930am, so the timing is just nice for her to travel from Chinatown to office. Great plan right?! But we gotta wake up at 6am…wahahahha…quite zombie in late afternoon.

Did you manage to get the Witch Kitty? Some of my friends couldn’t get it, and was told that it’s SOLD OUT…

Here’s our Kitties in the pack:

McDonalds Fairy Tale Hello Kitty - Little Red Riding Hood

Hm…don’t wanna unwrap my kitty yet. Wanna know how the Riding Hood looks like? I took this at the counter:

McDonalds Fairy Tale Hello Kitty - Little Red Riding Hood

I thought we were being kiasu [1], but my frens posted their Riding Hood picture on Thursday 1230am. Ha ha ha…

The Fairy Tale plushies are available at $4.60 each with any Extra Value Meal purchased. Different Kitty each week (Thursday – Wednesday)

  • Wizard of Oz (30 May – 5 June) sold out
  • Little Red Riding Hood (6 June – 12 June) sold out
  • The Frog Prince (13 June – 19 June) sold out
  • The Ugly Duckling (20 June – 26 June)
  • The Singing Bone – Limited Edition (27 June – 3 July) I DEFINITELY WANT THIS
  • Special McDelivery Hello Kiity sold out

Have you got yours??


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[1] Kiasu is a Hokkien/Singlish word that literally means ‘fear of losing’. This word is so widely used by Singaporeans and Malaysians that it is incorporated into their English vocabulary (in the form of Singlish and Manglish). It is often used in describing the attitudes of people, especially about Singaporean society – not to lose out in a highly competitive society.


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