My Train Rides in Singapore – May 2013

Train rides in Singapore

Ha ha ha…omg, I can blog about this topic every month…it’s really never ending, there’s always so much to talk about MRT rides in Singapore. Or is it just me?? He he he…

Last week, there’s a video of a man in his mid 40s quarreling with an old man in the train circulated around. Towards the end, the younger man spat on the old man while walking out of the train. The old man ran after him… Yes, the old man ran after the younger man. If you watched the video closely, it seems like the old man spat on the younger one first. To think that the old man even wanted to teach the younger one about respect initially… -_-”’

Not sure what caused the argument and I’m not in the scene, couldn’t comment much. I thought it started off because of the priority seat, don’t know what led to the repeated “you racist” halfway through the clip. Kinda sad that people behave this way nowadays… Will it be better if they take a deep breath and pause for a while, probably they will not be that agitated?

Anyways, there are more and more videos on quarrels in train/bus in recently. Hm…life was really simpler and easier when I was younger. Everyone seems to be smiling, friendlier and more gracious, or was I of much smaller size, that’s why I didn’t feel the small space between people? Ha ha ha… Well, I am also guilty of not smiling, less friendly and less gracious :p Without fail, I’m always very grouchy when travelling in a crowded train to and fro work and always complaining to JL and him. Got much more agitated when my dearest mobile network provided simply love to disconnect me from my friends by not giving me any data network underground!!!

*idea* – this probably can be another topic to talk about…wahahaha…. Which mobile network I’m subscribing to? The color says it all… :p

So, who have I met during my train rides lately?

#1 : Reading Newspapers
Last week, a man boarded the train and was standing beside me. He put down his paperbag, took out his newspapers and started reading it in the crowded train (with open arms)… What’s the hurry? Why must you read newspapers in a crowded train when it’s squeezy like a pack of sardines. Best of all, he coughed and yawned without covering his mouth, because his hands were holding the newspapers! Oh man, com’on, can you be more considerate than that? Urgh!!!! Dare not breathe…

#2 : Block of Wood
I boarded the train at Punggol, last station of NE Line. I was almost late one morning and wanted to get into the train before door closed. There were people standing at the side and this guy, standing right in the middle of the way! I can understand but still shouldn’t stand there before the train door closes! The door will open from the other side at the next stop, and he will not be blocking people boarding at the next station. But hey, the train had not leave the CURRENT station and the door had train door was still opened! You are blocking those who wanted to board the train… So, no choice, I banged into him while entering the train before door closed before saying sorry… Or, did I apologise? Forgot…

#3 : Rare Species
This is just a little gesture that made my MRT rides happier. I was holding the lift, waiting for people to get out. 3 men said “Thank You” to me… THAT’S RARE, especially it came from Men…ha ha haa… Ok, I don’t mean all men are not gentlemen. There are definitely some nice ones out there… This is good…keep up keep up… How nice if everyone is like that…it will definitely be a better place to live in…

So, how’s your train rides? Share it with me and I can consolidate the list again :p

If you are really curious about the video, you can search for “Heated argument on the MRT caught on camera” in YouTube.


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