Nagoya Hill Mall, Batam

[in Batam] During the Weekend Getaway in Batam, while waiting for the massage appointment, we had a cheap lunch in Kangen Cafe, Nagoya Hill Mall in Batam.  It is located in the center of Nagoya town and seems like it’s the biggest mall in Batam.  There’s Matahari and Hypermart, and they are 2 giant retail stores in Indonesia.  Besides shops selling clothes, cutie stuffs, bags, luggages, electronics, gadgets, etc, there is a food street in the mall.  You can find A&W, KFC, Grand Duck and other local food retail outlets.  There are food outlets outside the mall too, and we walked pass this Wanton noodle place seems not bad.  We are going to try next time when we are there again.  There are J.Co and several food stalls selling Kueh lapis too.  We bought some home…

Our lunch!!

Our lunch at Kangen Cafe, Nagoya Hill Mall, Batam
Our lunch in Kangen Cafe, Nagoya Hill Mall, Batam

From L to R, first row:

Seafood Toufu Hotplate
Not sizzling hot, but consider nice.  Some of the Toufu Hotplate at home may not taste as nice as theirs.  Toufu was soft and not “cakey”.  Egg texture was not the usual semi-watery type which was served at some foodstalls in Singapore.  Probably it was because the plate was not sizzling hot when they poured the egg in?

Salted Egg Crispy Chicken
It is nice, although the Salted Egg taste can be stronger.  Chicken is similar to those chicken bites we had in KFC, of course not as crispy as theirs, but acceptable.

Stir Fry Baby Kailan
This is good, surprise, nicer than those stir fry kailan served locally!

Tom Yum Soup
This isn’t like the real Tom Yum soup.  Is like cooked from Tom Yum paste and it looked so red.  It’s like those Chilli covered with a layer of oil.  We thought that it’s very spicy from the look, but it’s not.

Salted Fish Fried Rice
Compared to those dishes above, this seems less tasty.  I’d prefer those fried rice we had in Singapore.

Mee Goreng
A bit soggy and less tasty

Nasi Goreng Pattaya
Alright, is the same fried rice as the Salted Fish Fried Rice, not so tasty.  A bit bland and dry, I’d say.  It will be good if they can add some chilli sauce on top of the egg.  Or is this how it supposed to be originally?

After finishing the food, we are happy because we didn’t feel thirsty.  Is it a good sign?  That means, they put little or didn’t put any MSG at all?  Well, for the price of around S$20, and some really taste better than those we can find in Singapore, it’s really too value for money!

There are still a lot of shopping malls which we did not have the time to explore.  Shall explore them during our next trip.  For more information about what you can do in Batam, can visit this website.

with love…

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