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Forgotten about this quick lunch I had earlier this month, but gotta share, because the Aussie Rolls are  tasty.

Saw this place when I met up with the gang for dinner one day, and happened that I was around Raffles Place for meeting, so decided to pop by to grab some for lunch.  Well, they are no different from Japanese Sushi, except the ingredients, rice used and size.  Aussie Rolls seems bigger.  Not sure what type of rice they use though, don’t think they added vinegar into the rice.

Aussie Rolls come with wide varieties of interesting flavors, eg. Sweet Chilli Calamari, Fried Squid Head, Fish Katsu, Black Pepper Chicken, Tuna & Avocado, etc.  Each costs about $2.40-$2.80. I ordered Sweet Chilli Calamari and Seafood Mix. Grab a pack of tissue too, to see what other flavours they have, easier to order for my colleagues next time if I’m in the area again.

Aussie Roll
Aussie Roll – Sweet Chilli Calamari & Seafood Mix



Aussie Roll
30 Raffles Place, Chevron House
#B1-05, Singapore 048622


with love…


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