Interesting Blog – 300 Sandwiches

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Was listening to the HK radio channel one day, and the DJ shared this blog – 300 Sandwiches. I think it’s quite an interesting project,  The author and boyfriend have been dating for a year. Of course, who wouldn’t wish to get engaged or married when you feel that you’ve found the right one. They’ve talked about future, getting a pet dog, getting a house, etc, but yet […]

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Lunch at Delifrance


Haven’t been to Délifrance for a long long time. Used to have one in Compass Point. Happened to see one in Chinatown Point the other day, so suggested to JL to have lunch there :p I think there used to be a Bistro in Chinatown Point. But right now, it’s more like a kiosk. The space was quite small. We were joking that if someone wearing short skirt […]

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Pasha Bistro Bar: Another light lunch


Went to Amoy street for meeting on Monday. Haven’t been to Amoy street for a long time, used to work there. I love the food in the Hawker Centre, Salad Bars, Sandwiches/Bistro Bar, etc, but it’s always crowded during lunch time. Meeting ended at around 1130am, and was thinking of having light lunch, it’s either salad or sandwich. Am thinking of going back to the cafe which I’ve […]

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This is a short week for me.  Monday a public holiday and I’m on medical leave yesterday…  We were both busy with work and didn’t really meetup this week.  Tomorrow, he will be going to his friend’s baby shower…well, I can’t go, because I’m having a bad flu and cough.  I think it’s better for me to stay away from Baby… JL did this for me…isn’t it cute??? […]

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Thursday’s quick bites

Brownie @ Java Detour

Just got back from a short break over the weekend in Bintan…shall post pictures in another entry sigh…my MicroSD card was faulty, my Bintan pictures were gone…sob sob… Catching up with what’s on last Thursday… Occasionally, boss will buy us cakes from Java Detour in MBS. So, last thursday, we decided to go there for a quick lunch (sort of a mini BD celebration) before going up to […]

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