Week about Giant Pandas, British Royal Couple and Birthday

Yesterday was Y’s birthday.  She was packed with meetings, and we couldn’t really arranged to go out for birthday lunch.  What a pity.  But we managed to squeeze some time to have a mini celebration in office.  Boss bought cakes from one of his favorite cafe in MBS, ie. Java Detour.  Well, couldn’t really eat cheese cake, so he bought chocolate cake for me and cheese cakes for […]

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This is a short week for me.  Monday a public holiday and I’m on medical leave yesterday…  We were both busy with work and didn’t really meetup this week.  Tomorrow, he will be going to his friend’s baby shower…well, I can’t go, because I’m having a bad flu and cough.  I think it’s better for me to stay away from Baby… JL did this for me…isn’t it cute??? […]

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Thursday’s quick bites

Brownie @ Java Detour

Just got back from a short break over the weekend in Bintan…shall post pictures in another entry sigh…my MicroSD card was faulty, my Bintan pictures were gone…sob sob… Catching up with what’s on last Thursday… Occasionally, boss will buy us cakes from Java Detour in MBS. So, last thursday, we decided to go there for a quick lunch (sort of a mini BD celebration) before going up to […]

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