In My Kitchen – Tom Yum Pasta

In my kitchen

Was craving for Tom Yum and thought of having something different. Decided to cook Tom Yum Pasta, similar to how I did my Laksa Pasta previously. We always stocked up a lot of Tom Yum Paste because boyfriend likes to add into steamboat or soup for flavor.

– Fish Cake
– Crab Stick
– Prawns
– Perencan Tom Yum Paste x1pkt

and Tadah!!!

Homecooked Tom Yum Pasta


Boyfriend asked for second serving but wahahaha… no more… This is the first time boyfriend asked “Why you cook so little…??”

Wahahaha…. Happy Happy!

We have been using Perencan Tom Yum Paste. Do you have any nice ones to recommend?


– ♥ –

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