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4D3N Bangkok Trip

[Bangkok – Thailand] So sorry, I think I am seriously neglecting this space. I finally sat down to start writing about my super overdue Bangkok trip…he he he… In fact, JL was hoping to find the name of the hotel I’ve stayed during the trip, messaged me asking for it because she realised that I haven’t blog anything about it yet…wahahahha… I hardly on laptop when I got home from work these days 🙁

Forgot when was the last time I went BKK, was years ago… Was happily looking forward to the trip until i reached the airport on 3 Sep 2014… TADAH! The boarding date stated in the printout was 2 Sep 2014!! “Lightening Strike!”


Sigh… Spent another 380 for 2 tickets and admin charges :S Total damage for Tiger air tickets for 2 to BKK – $780… WAHAHAHAHA… I think it’s enough to pay for 2 SQ tickets to BKK?? First time in my life making such mistakes…. Will definitely check properly before confirming my flight bookings next time. Other than that, overall flight experience on Tiger was quite alright. Luckily no flight delays 😀

In flight to BangkokPlayed mahjong on his tablet…hehehe…

Stayed in Centrepoint Pratunam. Love it. It is like a service apartment to me and BIG! But just a bit far from the train station, but it’s just mins away from the popular Soi 19 Wonton Noodle.

Centrepoint Pratunam Hotel LobbyCentrepoint Pratunam Hotel Lobby

Centrepoint Pratunam HotelCentrepoint Pratunam Hotel

Centrepoint Pratunam Hotel
6 Soi 15 Petchburi Road, Rajthevee, Pratunam, Bangkok, Thailand

Dropped the luggage, rest a while before heading out with his aunt+K while waiting for another cousin L+E who will be arriving at about 8+ at night. Boyfriend was raving about this chicken rice shop and brought us there. It seemed normal but was yummy. However, walking there from our hotel was quite an experience. It was somewhere near the flyover at Platinum Mall, but there’s no proper pedestrian crossing, traffic lights or overhead bridge…so… JAY-WALK… SCARY!

Kuang Heng Chicken RiceKuang Heng Chicken Rice

Kuang Heng Chicken Rice
930, Phetchaburi Road, | Makkasun, Ratchathewee, Bangkok, Thailand

Went to Platinum Mall! Guess I don’t have to describe further, you should have read that it’s a great place for shopaholics. Well…well… as expected, I didn’t manage to get much because the sizes were either too small or too big for the plus size. I’m neither here nor there, stucked in between. SIGH…. time to go on diet…

Went back to hotel at 8 and waited for L+E. Rested and we went out for food again. Ha ha ha… L+E brought us to this roadside stall selling braised chicken noodle. The stall and tables were at oppsite sides of the road. So, we have to place the order and cross to the other side for seats… Crossing the road in BKK is really a challenge for me…

Love the soup, it was flavorful and not salty. Chicken was soft. Yummy Yummy.

Braised Chicken NoodleKway Teow Gai & nearby yummy Phad Thai

Kway Teow Gai

Day 2 in Bangkok – Eat & Eat, Shop & Shop
Woke up early to try the Soi19 Wonton Noodle that everyone recommended. Would prefer the Pig Trotter rice, think you shouldn’t leave without ordering it. The meat was soft, braised sauce was great!!!

Soi 19 NoodleSoi19 Wonton Noodle. Loved their Chrysanthemum tea.

SabX2 Pratunam Wanton Noodles
4/32-33 Soi Petchburi 19, Pratunam, Bangkok, Thailand
Tel +66 2 653 9618
Opening Hours: 9am – 4pm Daily

Followed the cousins to 2 temples before going to Central World at about 2pm. Eat again…ha ha ha… We stopped to rest at After You.

Central World - After You

Central World - After You

After You
Central World, 7th Floor

There were other smaller stalls/kiosks outside After You selling food too. And his aunt bought this giant takoyaki, it’s YUMMY!!!!

Giant Takoyaki

Cousins went back to hotel to rest while Boyfriend and I took train to Union Mall (another place for shopaholics) for another round of shopping! He he he…bought some slippers, t-shirts for him and and I manage to get some tops. They are really very small size…

Tired and hungry. Stopped at this 12Baht boat noodle shop for a tea-break or early dinner since we were both hungry…he he he… Really Yummy! Shared it in this post.

Initially planned to go to Chinatown for some seafood dinner with the cousins, but was too tired to join them after all the shopping. We bought some snacks from the road side and went back to hotel instead.

Bangkok Street FOod
Rest and went for a massage just outside the hotel.

Day 3 – Shop & Shop
We were on our own today. Woke up late, had late lunch and spent the whole afternoon shopping in Platinum Mall. Wahahahaha…

Planned a mini birthday surprise for him but he wanted to go to Huai Khwang for dinner. He loved the Crab Fried Rice and Steam Fish he had during the previous company trip. So, messaged the cousins to come early to our room with the cake :p However, it was about 9plus after the cake, and we didn’t get to go. Hm…felt bad, because he was craving so much about the crab fried rice and steam fish.

Went for massage and order pizzas and chicken wings from the pizza restaurant outside the hotel for dinner instead. Wahahha…


Needless to say, we spent Day 4 doing some last minute shopping…wahahhaha…

14 Lootswahahaha…very weak…friends’ loots always occupied the whole bed…

Ha ha ha…it has becoming an item in my travel to-do list, ie. having sausage mcmuffin with egg in other countries. Wahahaha… They even have Double Sausage McMuffin with Egg!

Bangkok - Double Sausage Mcmuffin with Eggyummy

Had Ice cream and steamed bun from the kiosks outside Platinum Mall. Ice cream was nice but a bit too creamy for me. Steamed Buns were cute!!

Platinum Mall Bangkok

Left for the airport at about 1pm. The hotel staff got a cab for us, and we boarded the cab forgetting to check the charges to airport. In the cab, we kept asking the driver how much to the airport, not sure what he’s mumbling and we kept asking. And finally he said 700 Baht. Boyfriend said no, 400baht (even it it’s 400baht was also ex. We paid 450baht from airport to hotel taking a 7seater cab). Driver said no and continued driving.

Boyfriend was checking his google map and asked the driver to let us alight immediately. He found the airport rail link is somewhere nearby. The driver continued driving and kept telling us about some 100baht toll fee. Asked if we are paying for the toll, or dunno what. Oh man…I was nervous. Boyfriend remained calm and get him to let us alight immediately. We paid him 100baht and alighted. HEART ATTACK! Really must confirmed the price before boarding the cab…

Was carrying our luggage and a tuk-tuk rider saw us, stopped and wanted to take us to our destination. We said we going to airport. He was very kind, he pointed that the station for the train to airport was just nearby. We took the train to airport…

The end of the short trip… Hoping to go again sometime before new year to get some new year clothes. Then again, difficult to get my size there… Sigh….

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