A night’s fun in Alive Museum Singapore

Alive Museum Singapore

I was excited to share with the gals that we can all go to Alive Museum Singapore at Suntec City since we can’t decide where to gather! Thanks omy.sg for the invitation 😀 We rushed down after work, hoping that the queue was not long. Thankfully, there’s only a couple in front of us 😀

About Alive Museum Singapore
With a total of 15 branches in operational globally, it is a new attraction in Suntec City which is suitable for all ages. It’s the biggest 3D illusionary museum in Singapore, offering a sensory experience that tricks one’s visual, physical and environmental perceptions, bring fantasy to reality. Perhaps, in some museum, you don’t get to touch or feel the exhibits. In here, not only can you touch and feel the exhibits, you can also get into the frame or picture and become a part of the masterpieces 😀

There are over 80 masterpieces and 9 of which are locally themed and unique to Singapore. There’s 5 different concepts, Trick Art, Digital Art, Object Art, Experimental Art and Dark Room (which is a brand new development by Alive Museum’s R&D Team and more details will be announced soon).

It’s fun and hilarious during the photo taking session. Quite amazing how the paintings look so real in different angles. I didn’t appear in alot of photos because I was quite cranky as I was still recovering from my fever and cough… wahahahha…

Are you looking at me?

Ta-dah…the fun begins…

1 Entrance


Angelyou will definitely see this at the entrance

Alive Museum Singaporecute tickets…

6 Woman

7 QueenAll rise…

8 Handsave me…

9 Merlion

10 Clubbing Room

11 Zen

14 Beforebefore I die, eat KFC? Ha ha ha…

16 PenguinSave the penguins!!
oh man…look like one pregnant woman here…sob sob sob…

Only post some of the pics here, you should experience the fun yourself.

1. There’s free WiFi access inside the museum. So, you can share your fun pictures with your friends live in the museum.
2. The artworks are designed for photo-taking without the use of camera flash.
3. Check out the Pink/Yellow photo point icons and blue pose point icons to to achieve the realistic looking pictures.
4. No re-entry allowed and there’s no toilet inside, so better to go before entering. You may stay about 2hours inside, like us…wahahaha
5. If I remember correctly, the doors can only be opened from one side. So, if you wanna skip some exhibits thinking that you can come back later, too bad…nope.
6. Be gentle when opening the door, there may be someone standing behind. And, beware, don’t stand too near the door…wahahaha… You don’t wanna get slam when someone open the door.

Here’s some perks for you now!
– Purchase your tickets online and check out with the promotional code “aliveopen” to enjoy 20% discount.
Like Alive Museum’s Facebook page, purchase a full-priced ticket and redeem a free meal worth $7.85 at Burger King next door! (offer ends 30 Sep 2014)

Why wait? Happy Snapping!
Do check out their promotion page for the latest promotions.
Many thanks to Omy.sg and Alive Museum 😀


Alive Museum Singapore
Suntec City Mall, Between Tower 3 & 4

Opening Hours:
Daily: 10am – 10pm (last admission at 9pm)

Ticket Prices:
Adult: $25
Children (3 – 12yrs): $20

Not sure if it’s because I’m sick, woke up the next day, applying yoko yoko…wahahahhaha…oh man, I’m getting old!


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