My Android Camera App #2 – Camera 360

Talking about my Galaxy S2’s camera app, this is another app which I’ve used quite often recently – CAMERA360 Ultimate (v3.3 in my phone). I used this if I wish to take any cool or artistic shots…ha ha ha… I think it’s quite popular as it has 10,000,000 – 50,000,000 installs in Android and most importantly it FREE. I’ve viewed this video, it says the app comes with Free and Paid version, but I couldn’t find the paid one in Google Play. But it does crash on me at times, I guess is user problem :p He doesn’t encounter any problem using…

The app comes with several effects like HDR, Lomo, Retro, Funny, Dreamlike, etc. There’s also a “random” for you to choose. I used Dreamlike to take portrait pictures, because it looks dreamy and couldn’t really see the flaws on my face :p Enhance for taking food pictures to bring out the colors. That’s what I’ve read from the online guide available in this app under Settings > More. The online guide not only provide “How-to-use” the app information, it has a section suggesting the effects to use for the type of photos you wish to take, eg. Food, Portraits, Scenery, Night, etc. Quite useful to me, at least.

Camera360 Ultimate - Effects
Effects to choose

Besides Effects, there are several Scenes to go along with your pictures, example below. There’s like Billboards, Bus Stops, Paintings, TV, etc.

Camera360 Ultimate - Scenery Mode
Scenery Mode

I can share the photos to sites like Facebook, Flickr, Tencent, Weibo, RenRen, etc. In the sharing section, there’s actually some Theme templates for you to choose from but it’s only applicable to China’s social media sites…

Camera360 Ultimate - Sharing
Camera360 Ultimate - Templates

What I like about the app is that while you are saving the photo with effects on, the original photo will be automatically saved as well. I would think this is rather convenient, as I’m not afraid that I don’t like the new effect or I may saved accidentally and couldn’t undo.

Dislike? Well, it does crash at times…just like 5mins ago… Couldn’t determine whether it’s user, phone or app problem. Shall get him to check when he’s back….

Some of the images in this blog entry are taken using this camera app.

with love…


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